Friday, March 31, 2017

Deep Thoughts About Shopping.

M: I think I should return the second pair of blush pink suede mules and just get these:

M: I am going to ruin them either way.

A: Those are cute! As long as they're wearable, I approve this strategy.

M: I am also rather inexplicably drawn to these:

A: Hmm, they challenge me but I get it.

M: With cutoffs and a floaty top.

A: Yes!

M: Feeling it.

A: I love the color.

M: Super comfy.

M: Gap has some cute spring dresses too. It's weird.

A: Right?? What is happening.

A: Those little shirt dresses:

A: So short, tho.

M: That's a shorty for sure.

A: Some of the embroidered dresses are cute:

M: I love the denim looking one with the tassel:

A: Love. Why $90 dress, Gap?

M: I know, too much.

A: It'll be near-free soon enough.

M: I can wait.

M: I do like the shoes tho.

A: Get those!

M: We see

A: Shopping is hard.

M: It is.


  1. All the dresses are SO short. As a tall girl, I love that Boden offers tall sizes so a tall girl can get a knee-length dress.

    1. I'm tall but I can't wear Boden's "long" sizes. They are long sizes, not tall sizes. So the waistline is too high. It bums me out because they have so many great looking dresses but I find the proportions are off on their long sizes. I wish they'd make tall sizes instead.

    2. Haha, the grass is always greener! I'm 5'2 and have to scour internet for dresses that look outrageously short on the model, because those end up being a perfect length on me.

  2. Gap is doing one day only 40% off today, FYI. But that means the tassel dress is sold out.

    1. Boo, I'm sorry! I wrote this up a few days ago so I didn't realize it had sold out. Hopefully they'll re-stock!

  3. I went into Gap a couple of days ago and tried on a bunch of their dresses, including the shirt dress pictured above. They were all really cute, but too short (I am super tall however). The good news is they have tall sizes in all the dresses on their website, so I have ordered them to try. I can report back if anyone is interested!

  4. The H&M mules are sold out in that color. Sad face!


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