Monday, March 13, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): J.Crew Spring Collection.

J.Crew has some really cute stuff for spring which I'm trying to pretend like I didn't see. There's a lot of irritating gingham and ruffles, to be sure, but there's also some stuff I'd really like to buy and have for my very own. I'm not doing that right now so I will push it off on you. So nice of me!

Right now code GETSHOPPING gets you 25% off of select full-price items (and 30% off sale items!) Pair that with 1.5% cash back from eBates for a pretty nice discount.

I am slowly warming up to this blush trend that is popping up everywhere. I am not really much for pink but I really love everything about this blush snakeskin flat. It's a little bit edgy but still very pretty. These flats would look great with light grey jeans and a cool tee, right?  Agree.

Y'all know I love a striped top more than almost anything and this one is just about everything I want in a lightweight spring sweater. A good strong stripe paired with a flattering v-neck? YES PLS. 

I love white jeans in the summer and this pair, which is ecru, seems like a perfect spring segue into white jeans. They'd also totally work in the winter, right? I think so too. 

J.Crew has a fun collection of destination tees going on and this New Mexico version is calling my name. It's just the perfect, casual Saturday tee that also reminds you about the delicious things you ate in NM that you can't get here. I see you there, green chiles. Sigh.

This bag comes in a bunch of adorable colors, including blush, but I am very taken with this black/snake version. nothing to do with spring, everything to do with my continued snakeskin obsession.

Most of the current jewelry collection isn't doing much for me but these earrings! These little fluff balls are just too cute to pass by. They come in several fun colors and just scream spring. SPRING!! Yep. Please ignore the giant snowstorm, thank you.

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  1. J Crew's new stuff is so good. I really want that bag, but I have so much junk I have to carry. Is it me or have the prices dropped a bit?