Wednesday, March 29, 2017

BUY THIS (Real Quick): TJ Maxx MBMJ Finds!

Pretty much every week I check out the TJ Maxx website to see if I can find any good bargains and holy shit, you guys, THE MARC JACOBS SO MUCH MBMJ IT IS KILLING MEEEEE.


The Too Hot To Handle Hobo! They have it in two colors! It's under $200! It's the best bag! I have two! I can't stop with the exclamation points! PLEASE BUY THIS.  [Edit: I looked closer at all the pictures and they're showing pics of two different versions of this bag - the open version pictured above, which is what I have, and the update that is slightly bigger and has a top zipper. This is SUPER annoying because I have no idea which version they're selling. If anyone bought it, please report back!]

Also! They have the big satchel version AND the small satchel version in the same pale grey. Eep. They also have the large Natasha in a gorgeous dark blue:

Marc Jacobs does the most beautiful blues, I swear. AND there is this beautiful black MBMJ Revolution crossbody bag that I can't stop looking at:

This is just a really good bag, right? Basically the perfect size for all your stuff but still very sleek. SIGH.  

Those are my big finds! There is a bunch of other MBMJ - the mini Natasha, a metallic coin pouch, a nylon tote, wallet, another wallet, a watchtiny crossbodycosmetic bags, etc. I already talked about some of this recently but that Too Hot To Handle hobo basically killed me dead. (My ghost is writing this.)

PS. For makeup freaks there are a few bits of Nars cosmetics: lipstick, powder, blush, eyeshadow, and a single Lipstick Queen pencil

I am going to take a nap now. 


  1. Thanks so much! The THTH hobo is also my favorite bag. I have it in black. I also have an old and a new Hiller, but the THTH beats them for sure. I got the cloud gray.

    I don't comment a lot because I'm usually reading on an ipad and it can be hard to get a comment through, but I'm a long time reader. You and I have very similar taste including love for MBMJ, Lotta, tassel necklaces and the ever enduring NY and Co "ring" dress (I have the same one as you and found some other colors on ebay later). Keep up the good work and know it is appreciated!

    1. Hey! I just added an update to this post because they're showing pics of two different versions of the THTH hobo and I don't know which they're actually selling. Let me know when yours arrives!

      And aw, the "ring" dress. It was the first outfit I ever posted on the blog and I still have that damn dress. It's a good one. Thanks for reading!


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