Monday, March 27, 2017

(BUY THIS) Because I Can't: LOFT Spring Sale.

LOFT is having a really good sale right now and I'm taking it personally. Like, they have some nerve putting all this cute stuff on sale when I'm not shopping. Currently they're taking an automatic 40% off select spring items and all sale styles, plus use eBates for 4% cash back! My favorite filigree mixed media top is included in the sale, as is the awesome leopard utility blouse.  Thanks for nothing, LOFT.  Here are some other items that I'm mad about not owning:

This blouse. On-trend blush color? Check. Utility blouse style I love? Check. Cute as hell print? CHECK. Ugh.

Do I need a flippy shirtdress with a bee print? Probably not. Do I want a flippy shirtdress with a bee print? Most definitely.

This Blossom Flutter Dress is not quite my style but I'm crazy about the vintage floral print soooo maybe? 

These crop denim leggings in a light wash are just the thing to wear with your cute print blouse (sadly, her blouse is not on sale):

This fine knit open cardigan is the perfect summer layer and comes in five colors. LE SIGH

Oh, what a surprise, another slouchy striped shirt with drop shoulders. SHUT UP I JUST WANT IT OKAY.

And, here's the shell version of my Tiled Henley top (also on sale) which always gets me compliments. 

There's also some really cute jewelry included in the sale so I'll leave you to it. Don't mind me! Just off to cry quietly in a corner now. 

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  1. Yesssssss. Scored some good stuff at this sale late last week. I am wearing these two right now:


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