Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: Gap Embroidered Split-neck Dress.

As I mentioned last week, I ordered the Gap embroidered split-neck dress because it looked too cute to resist. It arrived and I gotta say, it's really damn cute:

I love the dark navy/white colorway and the skirt is lined, which is a nice touch. The sizing is generous - I'm wearing a small and it's roomy, so if you're between sizes, size down. 

The embroidered split-neck dress has pockets which I normally complain about, but the skirt has enough volume that it isn't an issue. But... I do got issues. First, this dress is SHORT. I don't mind showing a fair amount of leg but it's too short for me to wear to work, even for me. Second, it's summer-time short yet has long sleeves. I love long sleeves but I'm a little confused about when to wear this. The elastic makes the sleeves easy to push up, but you can't roll them. Finally, there's this:

This puppy is low cut. Nothing a quick stitch won't solve and this would be perfectly fine for throwing over a swimsuit or running around on a Saturday or whatever but it definitely ain't work-appropriate by any stretch (and I do tend to stretch.) 

I'm still on the fence about this one! Not sure if I'm keeping it or not, but it certainly is damn cute and I guess I'm asking a lot from a $36 dress, right? The retail price was $79.95 which is insanity. However, they've marked it down and the 40% off code SPRING brings the price down to $35.99. That's more like it, Gap! This dress also comes in an odd peachy neutral color and a non-embroidered denim version which also marked way down. 

PS. the SPRING code also works on shoes, which is rare. That means you can order Marianne's cute leather espadrilles which have sold out in my size. Weeping. 


  1. Do not keep it. Find something better to go with that adorable hair of yours.

  2. I would return it. It looks a little too big on you, but if you size down, it'll just get shorter. It's cute, but save the $36 for something you love!


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