Friday, April 14, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Spring Print Dresses Under $50!

All of a sudden I want a closet full of floaty patterned spring dresses. Every year this happens and there are a ton of cute and inexpensive options, so why even fight it? Also! Just FYI, LOFT has 40% off everything right now and the dresses are plentiful and pretty. Get it.




  1. Hi there! Florals are not my jam anymore. I'm keeping them in my garden these days! And my Loft just seems empty compared to when I used to shop there a lot 7 or 8 years ago. I hardly ever go in there.

    I'm returning the Gray Storm THTH Hobo. I think I mentioned that it is an inch bigger all the way around. The zipper is weird because if you don't zip it, the top gaps out, unlike the snap on the old version, which lays flat under your arm. Also, I think that zipper adds weight because the bag felt very heavy on my shoulder and not comfy. I love the color so much and might pick up a different bag in that color. I love light gray for a summer neutral. I will say though, I could see that I would have to be meticulous about color transfer, versus my Natasha in faded aluminum, which is dark enough that you don't have to worry about it but light enough to be fine for summer. Not to enable you or anything!

    1. I guess this is where I should admit that I ordered the THTH in faded aluminum. You're right, it is a bit bigger and the zipper changes the way it hangs but I LOVE the color and I still love the style, even slightly changed. I'm keeping it.