Monday, April 24, 2017

Adrien: Summery Outfit and Gap Blouse Review.

Hey, so you know that convo yesterday where I talked about wanting to buy this Gap blouse? Well, by the magic of the Internet it's already been ordered, delivered to my house and photographed for a review. MAGIC I SAY: 

It's really cute, right? It's the Embroidery Tassel Split-neckline Top. It's very flowy and the sleeves are turned up to eleven on the Renaissance volume scale, but it's just so pretty. Cobalt blue is a color I really love to wear and I think it would look good on most people. (It also comes in white but that color is mostly sold out.) I am wearing size small and that seems about right. I could probably wear an XS but it's pretty short and I'd rather have the length. 

I'm wearing the top with my new white Fidelity Sola jeans, a birthday gift from Marianne! I love my other pair of Fidelity jeans so much that it's great to have the same style in white. And yay, I just discovered that Nordstrom carries Fidelity again! They have the Sola style in grey which is very, very tempting, or will be when they go on sale. I should also point out that Madewell has new white jeans that look really similar and I've also had good luck with Ann Taylor for white jeans. It's really hard to find a truly good pair that isn't too thin or see-through, but when you do, they're surprisingly versatile. 


Action close-up! Like the dress I showed y'all last week, this top is pretty low-cut. I may stitch it up a bit or I might just go with it. Gap has a ton of cute embroidered peasant tops right now - I love the contrast on this one, of course there's an off-the-shoulder version and this one is crazy but maybe in a good way? My necklace is House of Harlow and I wear it a ton. It comes in a bunch of colors and you can always find it on sale - this one is the pave version and I love this dark teal colorway

I'm carrying my cheap-ass Old Navy python bag from last year, which has shown up this year in the blush color, of course, though I much prefer this little faux leather saddle bag. My sandals are Sam Edelman "Trina" and they're a favorite. I love the little gold heel! There is also a thong version that's very on sale, but I don't know about that action.

That's all I've got for today. I should definitely keep the Gap blouse, right? It was 50% off when I bought it and now it's marked down to $54.99 with an extra 20% off with code GETMORE, which brings it down to $44. It'll probably get cheaper again but who can say? (Just never buy full price, everrrrrr.)


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