Monday, April 24, 2017

We Discuss Summer Shopping and Stupid Pockets.

M: thanks to you I want BOTH of these:

A: Sorry/not sorry! At least I'm making you want inexpensive things?

M: Oh definitely. It's funny, I couldn't think of anything I wanted to buy this weekend and now I have 6 tabs open with stuff I want.

A: Oh, do tell! I want new Birkenstocks and maybe this Gap blouse:

A: But otherwise i"m all, 💁

M: Mostly I blame I Want To Be Her for these. Well and you, for that Target dress that I should just order right now. So:


M: Someone said this mascara was so intense they only wear it at night which means it's perfect grocery store mascara for me:

A: Ooh, this is a great list! Did the Gap dress version of that blouse work out?

M: Yes, but it's a little big and I need to take it to get the pockets taken out. I wore it yesterday anyway.

A: Fucking pockets. Why.

M: POCKETS. Here's the thing: the blousey, belted waist means if you actually put things IN the pockets they weight down and make everything terrible. Plus they stick out and add bulk. HATECHU POCKETS.

A: HATE SO MUCH. Useless and add visual bulk to my hips. WHY.

A: So, back to these mascaras you just bought. I want extreme party lashes but I'm not sure my face does that. And I'm intrigued by this Honest Beauty stuff with the primer.

M: I haven't bought them yet!

A: Well, what are you waiting for.

M: I'm trying to resist bleeding money.

A: I'm trying to live vicariously through your mascara purchases. How can you be so selfish?

M: I ordered it! And that dress. Have you looked at the other Knox Rose stuff at Target? Not all of it is my style but there are some cute flowy summery tops.

A: Yay! I stopped buying Target clothes a few years ago but now I'm feeling like I need to check this stuff out. Really cute. I just ordered a couple of random things from Old Navy because it was so cheap it felt un-American not to.

M: Haha. Target has been getting better I think.

A: I don't really understand why I'm so into all this boho embroidered crap but I really, really am.

M: Because nothing says summer like some boho hippie crap and also they are better outfit-makers than t-shirts! Welcome to my world. It's floaty here.

A: Yes! Floaty cute tops! They make cut-offs and Birkenstocks look casual and breezy rather than schlubby and half-dressed. Or something.

A: Oops, I just panic-ordered my Birkenstocks. It was the last pair in my size with the gold buckles that I could find.

M: A solid choice.


M: I love them! I love summer!

M: YAY SUMMER! Summer shopping is so much fun.


  1. Dress pockets are good if your office requires a security pass and you don't want to wear it around your neck. Otherwise you end up locked yourself out in the hallway after going to to the washroom. :)

    Can you go on another rant about how there is NOTHING cute at Banana Republic right now? And SO MANY RUFFLES.

    1. Banana continues to be the most incredible disappointment.

  2. I got that exact pair of Birks after reading an earlier post about them. They are awesome!


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