Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Adrien: Weekend Stripes and a Grana Review!

I'm sure at least one of you is thinking, "How many striped shirts does this bitch actually own?" and you would be right to think that. But! I recently retired one so there was an opening and I had some credits from Grana (that's my referral link which will get you 10% off your first order). I'd already bought this tee in the burgundy colorway (outfit here) and love it so I decided to go for the navy version. I also bought a white v-neck t-shirt so I could compare it to Everlane, so that review will be coming soon. 

The Pima Oversized Long Sleeve Tee (also in solid colors) is everything I want a tee shirt to be. It's slouchy, it's soft, it isn't high maintenance in any way. I'm wearing a size small so you can see that it's definitely oversized. It doesn't have the cool details of the Everlane Breton Cotton Tee or the swankness of this Kule shirt but it's nearly identical to this French Connection top which costs twice as much. I'm not saying you can't go even cheaper - this striped Merona tee looks awfully cute, but I love Pima cotton and this Grana t-shirt is just really good

I took this on a Saturday so I wasn't really creating an outfit so much as throwing on my new tee with the jeans I was already wearing. They're my Fidelity Sola jeans, which I wear an embarrassing amount. They're hard to find but I'm also a big fan of Madewell denim and the high rise skinny in Polly wash look really similar and this pair at LOFT is a slightly destructed version. Details: 

I'm wearing my stripes with my scarab beetle pendant from Banana Republic. It's long gone but this more delicate beetle necklace has it's charm and, look, I know this is a pineapple and not a beetle but it's cute, right? Banana also has a pineapple necklace. What is with the pineapples? My bracelet is a modern screw cuff by Bijouone. I wear it a lot! (And yes, I still want a Miansai cuff. Still.)

My usual MBMJ Too Hot To Handle Hobo in Cement and my ancient Frye Emma flats. I love these shoes and they're so done. I should really replace them with a pair of the Frye Carson Ballet but I just haven't had the heart to do it yet. Actually, all my flats are pure sadness but I can't get excited about Madewell's current ballet flat and Frye is so freaking expensive. Eh, it's sandal season anyway, right?


  1. Thanks for the Grana update will check it out!

  2. I also got the burgundy Grana striped shirt for cheap during a sale. I ordered it a size too big, so it's super slouchy, but I love the fabric. It may get demoted to lounge wear. I'm personally over the dropped shoulders so I won't be getting another one. Boden's Breton are the best fit on me (I'm busty and look best in a high set in sleeve). I want some short sleeved ones but don't really care for the color selection this season. Boden, how about uh, black and white? I do plan on ordering more of the Grana pima cotton though.

  3. Have you tried the Cece ballet flat from J Crew? They are cute, often on sale, super well made, and comfortable. They also come in lots of diff colors.

  4. Looks good on you! But I'm Not Allowed to buy any more stripes with a drop shoulder.


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