Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beauty Review: Sephora Play! Box.

I haven't done a beauty review in a while and I have a few things to talk about. But first I feel like it's important to let you all know that the MBMJ New Q Percy crossbody is now clearance-priced at TJ Maxx. I keep an eye on these things just for you. It's marked down in the cement color (a personal favorite) and also a very pretty peony color. It's a tiny bag but just the perfect thing for summer. Plus, code SHIP89 will get you free shipping.

Now! On with the beauty stuff. I used to be a big fan of Birchbox because I love getting all kinds of fun little beauty samples in the mail but more and more I was finding the products they sent irrelevant for me - too much dry shampoo, neutral lip color and products I just couldn't use because of my skin type or whatever. Then I read a glowing review of Sephora's Play Box and decided to give that one a try instead. The bonus is that I already shop at Sephora so I know I'm going to be getting some brands I already know and like. Here's my first box:

The box and packaging are super cute and I was pretty pleased overall. Here's what I got:

Boring, but useful. I have received this before as a points bonus and it's perfectly fine, just not exciting or new. 

This also falls under the "boring but useful" category. Why would anyone ever buy this? I've received it as a sample a gazillion times so I never need to purchase it. Stop trying to make Photo Finish happen, Sephora. It's never gonna happen. 

This one I was excited about. I don't wear black eyeliner very often but I love MUFE Aqua liners (they're up there with UD 24/7) and this one is worth the hand cramp you'll get from the teeny-tiny pencil.

Winner winner chicken dinner! These peel pads are the bomb. They're full of burn-it-all-off goodness (but they don't actually burn, I promise.) I got two of these in my box and used one last night. So good. HOWEVER, I am pretty annoyed that a 16 pack costs $88 GD AMERICAN DOLLARS and they recommend you use it 2-3 times a week. Why not just have me rub a gold nugget on my face, Dr. Dennis Gross? You rich asshole. Ugh. 

This is interesting in theory and I don't normally even bother with perfume samples because I'm so damn picky. I was intrigued, however, by the premise of this one-note not-perfume. I was also a bit confused by it being described as "woody & earthy" and "minimalist, fresh, and clean" all within the same description. Uh, okay. I sprayed a little on myself and it smelled nice and clean and inoffensive. I like that it's not cloying or sweet and it doesn't try too hard. 

YAS. I am bound and determined to find a Vitamin C product that works for me. This one smells too good to be truly effective l but I'll happily give it a try. 

So, overall I'm pleased. I can actually use every single thing they sent me which almost never happens. I'll give them a few months before I really decide if it's better than Birchbox but so far, I definitely feel like I got $10 worth of good stuff. (And hey, if you know of an amazing makeup sample subscription, do tell!) 


  1. Oh, I am excited for future play reviews! I also subscribe...I was unimpressed at first (too many neutral lips, including Black Honey - REALLY SEPHORA?) but lately the boxes have been pretty great. Last month I loved everything. I had all the same stuff as you this month.

  2. I was a big fan of the Play box until I moved and couldn't deal with more and more tiny makeup items in my bathroom. I did love it though and would like to resubscribe again soon! My one complaint is there was a perfume sample in every box so now I have like 5 perfume samples floating around my house.

  3. I have tried all the subscription boxes, and am stopping for a while. I started to get too many things I couldnt use, or just forgot about. Plus, I am dealing with a weird eczema issue around my eyes and mouth that is SO annoying and I'm having to stop using just about everything to figure out the culprit. Ugggh. But, that Juliette has a Gun perfume is my favorite scent ever. Have you tried the Dermstore Beautyfix box? It's a little more ($18, then $24) monthly but you get larger sizes (some are full size) and I think it's more like 8-10 products per box.

  4. I've been using the Ipsy box and I've been getting some pretty cute stuff, plus a makeup bag each month. It's a lot of moisturizers and maybe a few too many bronzers (I'm super pale, these look stupid on me), but for the most part, I've used a lot of what I've received

  5. I liked the Play box more than the other boxes I've tried, but ended up cancelling a couple of months ago. I never use up all of these little bottles. The one thing I didn't like about Play was that you can't opt out of the perfume samples.

  6. Your review of the Dr Dennis Gross peel pads actually made me lol at 5 am this morning. Thank you.

  7. I like play! for the same reason--you can use most of the stuff you get. I don't every buy makeup anymore, I just use samples!


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