Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Review: LOFT In-Store Shopping Trip.

Okay, so here's the thing. I love online shopping. I love the deals, the rebates, the thrill of stacking codes. But there's a big drawback - when you can't see and feel things in person you miss stuff. Sometimes photographs make items look better than they are, sometimes much worse. And sometimes you just need to try shit on before you have any idea if it works for you or not.

So, last weekend Kate and I ate a hearty brunch, girded up our loins, and went to the mall. I specifically wanted to go to LOFT because they were giving 40% off of everything*. The first thing I grabbed was the Fan Floral Cap Sleeve Shirtdress which I hadn't noticed on the website, probably because the photo is terrible:

It looks kind of sad in the stock photo and my quick selfie doesn't do it justice at all:

This is the perfect summer dress- light and floaty but still covered enough to wear to work. It's got a great 1960s French beach vibe that I just love. I bought this and can't wait to do an outfit post around it. For reference, I'm wearing a size small.

Kate, who was browsing the sale racks, handed me this Mixed Media Dress which didn't look like much on the hanger and looks pretty boring on the website:

It was marked down to $19.99 (final sale) plus the extra 40% off. Dang. I tried it on and wow:

It's definitely a work dress but it's super comfortable and flattering and TWELVE DOLLARS. I'm wearing a size 6 (I think?) and it fits perfectly. And it's machine washable! It's nearly sold out on the website so this might be one to seek out in person. Finally, I tried on the Leopard Utility Blouse because there were a ton of them on the sale rack and it felt necessary. People just don't appreciate a good print:

And here it is on me:

Despite my dubious expression I really love this blouse. I didn't buy it because I have too many utility blouses and didn't need to spend the money, but It's so fun. Also, there are leopard print shorts? LOFT is so weird.

After that we went to Old Navy where Kate tried on shorts but didn't buy them. I sat on a weird, squishy cube of questionable stability:

The End

*Unfortunately the 40% off sale has ended but with LOFT all you have to do is wait a day or two!


  1. Oh, I got that dress! I ended up returning it because it isn't really what I wanted, but it is def cute. I did keep the fan flower linen tee, even though the colors aren't as good (the blue is more of a teal). That other dress also looks FAB on you! And you should have kept the leopard shirt for the Nov through Feb Period of Sadness.

    1. I know! That leopard blouse would've gone a long way to making winter suck less.

    2. Go back! Or it's 40% off online.

    3. It was pretty inexpensive in the store but I can't buy *everything* I love! I'd be living in a van down by the river.

    4. This of it as an investment in your future ;-)

  2. Love the mixed media dress on you! $12 is a bargain for a comfy work dress, and you can accessorize it a million ways...blazer, cardigan, statement necklace, scarf, etc.!

  3. I ordered the floral shirt dress based on your pic - fingers crossed it looks as good on me. The mixed media dress was an amazing find!


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