Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We Discuss Birkenstocks. A Lot.

M: I just found myself pining for these:

M: So, duh, I went ahead and ordered those leather Gap espadrilles. Stay tuned.

A: Yay! I really like that Gap pair - let me know if they're good. I am currently pining for the coppery metallic Birkenstocks because I made the mistake of trying them on. I just don't know if they're versatile enough.

M: Hmmm. They are fun but I like my Birks a little less attention-grabbing.

A: Yeah, I suspect they are the kind of trendy I'd grow tired of.

M: Right. Like, ugh stop being so SHINY and then I would wear my navy blue waxed leather Arizonas which are all I really want.

A: I really want a pair of Arizonas so badly. I love my Gizehs but sometimes I don't want crap in between my toes. Like, ugh. Stop tounching my toes.

M: YES THE TOUNCHING. My Gizehs aren't nearly as comfortable. I'm really helping your cause aren't I?



A: Just for the sake of research, do you have leather or birko-flor Arizonas? There are 800 options, many of them hideous.

M: I have the leather, my Gizehs are birko-flor. I think the leather will ultimately hold up better plus you can't fake the oiled leather look. they took longer to break in but man, I love them.

A: Yeah, my Gizehs are birko-flor too but I think I want a leather pair. I just can't decide which color.

A: Maybe not these:

M: Ooh. Shiny. These are mine:

A: No, I'm NOT getting the shiny orange snakeskin.

M: It would really open up a whole new avenue for you.

A: Holy shit:

M: What the actual fuck.

A: "Persian gold textile."

A: There is also an orange pair:


M: They look like Ramen. Or Cheetos.

A: They look like nasty 1970s rec room carpet.

M: Shiver.

A: I really like yours quite a lot. I also like this pair with the gold buckles:

M: I like the black ones too! I sometimes think I want a white pair but I talk myself out of it pretty quickly.

A: I know white is really in right now but they just always look like nurse shoes to me. If anyone could pull them off, though, it would be you.

A: Now I'm thinking about copper again. Or gold. Or silver. Ugh. Why.

M: I like the idea of the shiny ones but when I see them in person I don't love them.

A: My practical side will win out. If I'm going to shell out for leather, I want to be able to wear them forever.

M: For you I think the black. I really like them.

A: Black leather, gold buckles. They definitely appeal.

M: Yassssss


  1. I have navy blue Arizona and they are awesomely versatile. The only problem I have is some arch chafing after either a really long day or when it is real hot, but that may just be my stupidly sensitive feet. No matter which color, I would recommend the soft footbed version, which are much more comfortable in my opinion.

    1. Thanks! I definitely want the soft footbed version.


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