Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Confession Time.

M: I feel like we should discuss how I'm starting to love Miley Cyrus. I think she's hilarious.

A: I am going to need evidence. Though I will admit to being somewhat charmed by her on SNL.

M: I see stuff like this:

And I think she's so funny. I am being serious.

A: Those shorts are ridiculous and she absolutely knows it.

M: She knows that ALL OF IT is ridiculous. All the way to the BANK.

A: I do wish she'd put her tongue back in her mouth? But I also get that she gets that I want that and it makes her do it more.

M: Precisely. Though this did crack me up. Aren't you always licking off your makeup?


M: So awesome.

A: She has really nice eyebrows.

M: She DOES. And I love her haircut!

A: Oh, I absolutely dig her hair, but you know I like the quirky short cuts.

M: But seriously, I keep listening to Wrecking Ball and I'm not even really sorry about it. Though the part where she licks a sledgehammer does make me clutch my invisible pearls a bit.

A: Licks? A Sledgehammer?

M: And rides a wrecking ball. Naked. The usual.

A: Well duh, I mean, who hasn't done that at least once?

M: I mean really.

A: I do remember thinking, "The next time I do this, I'm wearin' pannies."

M: Those m-effers CHAFE.

A: A surprising amount! I mean, you wouldn't think it just to look at them.

This is getting weird.

M: Yeah. I'm going to go do...something else now.

A: Drink?

M: Cheers!


  1. I love her and I'm not sorry.

    And no joke, I was listening to "Wrecking Ball" as I read this. I didn't even put it on for this post. I've been listening to it on repeat. It describes most of my failed relationships to a T.

  2. She's great. And if I looked good in shorts like that, I'd rock 'em.