Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marianne: The Basics.

You know how Adrien bemoans her lack of blouses and abundance of t-shirts? I have the opposite problem. I actually have a good little stash of cute tops but somehow I have almost no decent t-shirts. What the heck. Anyway, I spotted these Fluid Drapey T's during Gap's last big sale and ordered them in plum and navy and I am in love.

They float away from the body perfectly and are a really nice base layer for my ever-growing collection of cheap statement necklaces. And hey! I'm wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans! These Seven Slim Illusion skinny jeans are sturdy-yet-stretchy and are officially the first pair of my nice jeans I can fit into. Hooray for that. Also yeah, I bought another pair of French Sole Sloops because I just can't quit them.

I wore this today with my new (via eBay) leather-sleeved Zara jacket (this years version is super cute and this one is similar and on major sale). I wanted a dressier version of my trusty field jacket, and this also fulfills my never-gonna-happen leather jacket lust. For now. Also hooo boy that is the face of a mother whose baby has decided to start waking up every hour of the night. More concealer, please. And maybe some lipstick for goodness sakes.

Close-up of my current favorite GroopDealz necklace (that's my affiliate link, yo). I love the tortoise accents and the $12 price helps me overlook the fact that the chain always wants to twist.

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  1. The magenta/purple-whatever-its-called color looks fabulous on you.