Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Buy This (So We Don't Have To): Old Navy Bird Print Dress.

I read a certain online fashion forum and every once in a while there's a total board frenzy for a specific item. Sometimes it's a pair of boots or a leather hoodie or a vastly marked down designer bag. The latest, however, is an Old Navy wrap dress of uncommon cuteness:

Old Navy print wrap dress

The print looks a little like Diane von Furstenberg or Issa London, am I right? And long sleeves! Be still my shivery-poodle heart. I doubt the quality is going to be amazing, but for less than $30, who cares? Also, code ONSAVE20 will get you 20% off  and STUFFSAVE gets you 30% off if you have an ON, BR or Gap card. And, you can get an additional 2% back with eBates (my referral link.) Go! Put a bird on it.


  1. Ah, I purchased this item in the black bird print and the burgundy color. Totally going back. Bought it in petite s and xs and both were too big and hard to wrap around my body without making me look dumpy. i'm 5'2 and 120 lbs for stats. total pass for small petites.

  2. Hehe, guilty! I am also a reader of a certain fashion forum and have fallen prey to the lure of the bird dress as well. It's on it's way to me as I write this. :)

  3. Coincidentally I just bought this dress, it is really cute! What fashion forum are you guys on? I just found your blog and I love it, you're my new favorite read!

    1. Thanks for reading! The first rule of this fashion forum is that you don't talk about the fashion forum (but it rhymes with Bakeup Galley.)

  4. I also just bought the navy with pink bird print online last week. I am happy with it!

  5. I got a compliment that it was whimsical.

  6. GAH I want this dress but am not sure if I can "loaf" into a small (tips hat with said fashion forum's verbage) and that is all that is left. :( I know Old Navy runs large but I don't think I'm a small there these days.

  7. I ended up ordering it in the black bird print, but in a tall. I'm not fond of showing my knees, so let's see how that works for me.

    This blog is dangerous. But given I ended up paying about $24 for the dress, I forgive you.


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