Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One Eye Infection Away From My Goal Weight.

M: Did I seriously just read a rave about a $45 discontinued mascara?

A: Insanity!

M: $45 mascara makes me MAD. Even $25 seems ridiculous, and I'm not about to try it and then fall in love and then not be able to buy it any more.

A:  I've been very happy with my drugstore mascara. It's such a rip to spend more than $8 on something that you're supposed to replace after 3 months.

M: And you know I'm psycho and replace mine every 6 weeks.

A: Yes, I do know this.

M: Related: I tried a different version of Clump Crusher (which I have slowly come to love), the "extensions" formula, and meh.

A: Aw man, that is disappointing. I'm still using the yellow tube Colossal stuff because it works better than anything else I've tried.

M: I say meh, but I am still using it. I think it gets better with a little age on it. It's too thin at first.

A: I feel like most mascaras work better with age. That's why I hold onto them well past the eye-infection stage. SORRY.

M: Harf.

A: Sometimes I just rub it around in my eyeball to see what will happen.

M: You weirdo.

A: What? Smoky eye!

A: Okay, I'll stop. I did buy something cool last weekend.

M: What??

A: The! Wonder! Pencil!

M: Oh! I almost bought this! You like it?

A: I do! I'm not big on the whole waterline thing so I mostly use it for spot highlighting and stuff like this.

M: Does that work? Lord, my makeup routine is approaching drag queen.

A: Yeah, it does a little. I also use it under my brow as highlight and in the corners of my eyes. Basically, I am pretending it's this.

A: Which I want but refuse to pay $20 for.

M: Speaking of Benefit, I have it on good authority that this stuff is amazing. I'm buying it on Friday:

A: That looks advanced to me.

M: It is supposedly stupid easy and perfect looking. I have heard from multiple people!

A: Hmm. I will admit that I skip doing my brows in the morning because I just don't have time. But I'm curious.

M: I am kind of on the brow bandwagon. I think over 35 doing your brows does as much for your face as putting on lipstick.

A: Ugh, I know. You're right. It's all so much work.

M: It's hard being a laydeeeee.

A: Especially an elderly lady.

M: Who are you talking about because I'm sure it's not YOU.

A: You.

A: Just kidding! Of course me.





M: Well but I didn't call you OLD.

A: I was KIDDING. I was calling myself old!


A: Right up there? Where I said I was kidding? I'm older than you, sister. I covet your age.

M: Well and I covet your figure so we are even.




  1. I have the Gimme Brow, it is brilliant. I debated over the lighter one or darker one...hearing you can "intensify" it by applying a couple of layers, I went with the lighter one and it's great. (I'm chestnut haired, blonde edges- my eyebrows are dark, large, but fine-haired so too dark and I go right into Groucho territory). It's super easy. You can brush it on, or you can drag it in a line, or both. I kindof start with a bit of a line then just brush. And get this: I did it before going to the beach- hot day ,swam- head underwater and everything- and it didn't budge. And yes, I guess its main selling point is that it looks totally natural. And what a difference; mascara doesn't become this urgent need when brows are defined. Go for it, this one is worth it.

  2. p.s-you know the thing that "proves I'm not a robot"? Well, I'm not a robot, but my eyesight isn't what it used to be (I guess) and somethings those things are ultra-blurry. It's like peering at faded typeprint underwater, trying to figure out "is that a 7? 1? lowercase L? Exclamation point?" etc Only a robot could read those damn things. Just saying...

    1. I know, I know, I hate them too, but we were getting a ton of spam without it. I'm sorry!

    2. That's ok, I understand :) Ironically the one for that particular comment was as clear as a bell. As for Gimme Brow (I'm trying to figure out what the pun is on that one; I'm starting to think it's "Gimme Now" because that's the reaction it seems to get) I can only encourage you to run out and buy it. I couldn't try it out before so I ordered it off Ulta. Sephora was sold out, which of course sent me into an even more fervent tailspin about it lol. Let us know what you think if you get it .

  3. Maybelline's new gel-mousse mascara is AWESOME. It frigging NEVER FLAKES and its easy to remove at night. The 'flexor brush' is pretty terrible- it flexes a lot and I have never stabbed myself in the eyeballs so many times, but i bet a regular one from a beauty supply store would make it the best thing ever.


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