Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Window Shopping: If You Missed the Shopbop Sale

Did you miss the Friends & Family sale at Shopbop? Me too (but in reality I'm not buying anything nice until I lose more baby weight, ugh). I was kind of moping but then I found some great stuff that all clocks in around $100. My fall weekend wishlist, if my muffin top was no concern:

Okay, yes this looks like a nightshirt, and I'm maybe having some 90's nostalgia (speaking of, this is called the Empire Records shirt and I blurted out IT'S REX MANNING DAY), but I want to beat around all weekend in this plaid dress, leggings, duck boots, and a cozy sweater.

Though if you wanted to class it up, this version would do nicely (though I am baffled by the bra situation you'd have to deal with). And I just came upon this and now I'm weeping for summer (and my love handles).

Moving on! I need a new coat or two so badly, and this one looks like the perfect combination of cozy and chic, and you can't beat the price, am I right?

Lastly I'm about to burn 98% of my sweaters, and I think I need a pile of these perfectly lightweight and drapey numbers to replace them.

Did you miss the Friends & Family sale? Or did you score something great? Make me jealous.

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  1. LOL at Rex Manning day. Hubs was flipping through the channels the other night and stopped on Empire Records and I shouted the same thing. He was like what? I may need a new husband. Cute coat and drapey top.