Monday, October 14, 2013

Adrien: Oh, The Rain.

It rained a lot last week. And just kept raining. And raining. Suddenly it's fall and I have to dress accordingly. This means my J Crew Downtown Field Jacket has been getting a lot of love, and I unearthed a new leopard scarf that Nina made me buy the last time we were at Ross. (When Nina tells you to buy something, you just do it.)

I'm wearing my new Vince Camuto ankle boots that I bought from Marianne (this year's version is also good) and I loooooove them. However, I normally cuff my jeans just above the boot (like M does here) but cuffed jeans seemed to casual for work so I kind of scrunched them down over the boot and I don't know if it's really working.  (Is it working? Probably no.) 

The top I'm wearing is Ann Taylor (similar to this one) and it's actually pretty cute which is not coming through in these photos, obviously. Take my word for it! The jeans are Shockoe Denim and the ridiculously bright bag is my raspberry MBMJ Hillier (though how great is this one?)

More scarf than you even probably needed. It's cute, though, right? Leopard scarves make me happy

Here's to seeing the sun again one day soon...


  1. First of all, YOUR HAIR. So cute. Second, I struggle with the ankle boot/jeans thing toooo.

  2. HA! I came here to say the same thing as Marianne. I have no idea what you're wearing or what you wrote about it; I was too transfixed by the glory of your hair to notice Any Other Damned Thing.

  3. Ha, it's because it was raining. Humidity makes my hair insane.