Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Adrien: Fall Wishlist.

It's funny how my style has evolved and shifted over the past few years. I still love a crazy print but this fall I'm really into the idea of super-simple shapes with interesting details. I'm loving the current fall trends but I'm trying to stick with mostly classic shapes that I can spice up with a fun patterned scarf or bold jewelry. Here's what I'd like to buy this fall:

Black skinny jeans.
I mean I want black-black skinny jeans. I currently have a black pair of James Jeans skinnies but they're starting to bag out at the knee and the color is kind of black...ish. So annoying! I'm thinking something like this pair:

With a nice mid-rise? Yes? Yes.

Simple Grey Sweater.
This Tippi sweater by J Crew is basically perfect:

Simple, elegant, a good backdrop for a ridiculous necklace. I wish I could afford the cashmere version but I think merino holds up better anyway. (That's my story. Hush.)

Bold Statement Necklace.
I actually just bought a really good one (more on that soon), but I also want something totally crazy wacko like this one:

Black Sheath Dress.
I do not actually own a LBD and it's getting on my nerves. I just want something work appropriate that I could maybe wear twice in a week without anyone noticing. Sleeves would be nice. And not wool. Also, it needs to be washable. And come with a pony. This one might fit the bill:

Crazy Print Scarf.
I've got a couple  new ones that I'm already wearing but I'd really love to invest in something a bit crazier. Maybe this one! Just kidding. I think this pretty nugget is more my style:

Zip Pocket Shift Dress.
Definitely more trendy but it's exactly the kind of 60s moto detail I like and it's still such a simple, easy shape in a dress:

So good with tall boots or ankle boots or flats! Yes. Speaking of flats...

Leopard Flats. 
I've already blogged about this, but I'm waiting on a Madewell code so I can buy this pair:

They will be mine! Gimme a code already, Madewell. They are offering 0% back on eBates too. Great.

A Striped Sweater.
I have striped tops galore. I have LOTS of striped tops. What I do not have is the world's cutest boat neck striped sweater:

One Striped Sweater to rule them all! Sadly, it's so far out of my price range that it will never be mine but I'm pretty sure it would make me complete. Sigh. Maybe next year.


  1. I want the zip pocket shift dress- where does one find it?

  2. Those Citizen Avedon jeans are AMAZING. I have a pair and worth every stinkin' penny... They do have a fair amount of stretch so get them pretty snug if you can! I have them in black and wear them prob twice a week and they look amazing with caramel/tan colored Fryes too. :-)

  3. I have those Madewell flats and they are so worth it. They don't have the wonky-looking tufts of hair at the seams that you see on cheaper calf hair versions.

  4. If you wait a year or so that sweater is bound to show up on ebay.

  5. I was flipping through the Lands End catalog this morning (mostly as a I-can't-deal-with-conversation-at-the-breakfast-table kind of thing) and I spotted some leopard flats for $79. I will also note that LE is offering free shipping with a $50 purchase, Ebates will give you 6% off, and LE makes wide width shoes, for those of us with feet like ping pong paddles. The reviews on the LE site aren't great, but you have to factor in for the people who complain that ballet flats don't offer any arch support. Which, hello?

    Anyway, worth a glance: http://www.landsend.com/products/womens-bianca-calf-hair-bow-ballet-shoes/id_250487

    1. Oh, thank you! Those are cute and look like a good deal. I've got my heart set on a pointy toe, though, so I'm still holding out for a Madewell code.

    2. The leopard skimmers are on 40% off sale with COZYUP and ebates is doing 3% on madewell. Go buy them!