Wednesday, July 6, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Don't Forget About COS

Someone commented recently about a COS dress they saw that might fit the description of the dress I was looking for and I was like, OH RIGHT. COS. This brand is such a delightful mystery to me - minimalist and fashion forward clothes that look expensive (and sometimes lean quite weird, but I love weird.) Anyway, I went to see what they have for summer and here's what caught my eye:

Pink is hard to get right but I feel like this particular shade would look great on almost everyone.

I love how cool and angular this top is, with the wide sleeve and zipper front? Yes, please. 

Of course you know I'm going to include a striped t-shirt dress. This one looks like me.

Click through for more pics because this leather bag is gorgeous. Sorry/not sorry.

This amazing dress is part of a collab which means it's pricey but isn't is fucking cool? UGH. 
(That teeny red bag tho! Hee.)

Girl, why you so mad? Your dress is damn cute and such a great summer staple. 

I am not generally a jumpsuit person but this is really tempting me. Comfortable and Fashion!

Okay, I have been quietly obsessed with barrel leg jeans after seeing a cool older lady wearing a pair in Seattle. These are less extreme (and less expensive) so maybe? 

This blue coated chain is just the perfect touch of color. It also comes in a gold version.

Wouldn't it look great with this amazing floaty coastal lady summer dress? 

These sandals are so weird and I am really into them, no surprise. 

Finally, COS does such great t-shirts. I love the sharp v-neck and slightly longer sleeves on this one.


  1. I love COS styles BUT...haha isn't there always this word???....the sizes only go to L. From what I have read on other COS dresses the arms/chest area tend to. run small...maybe because its a European store? I wish I could buy from there because it sells lots of things I really like.

    1. That sucks, I didn't realize! But I do think that some of the COS styles actually run big - anything that's described as "oversized" is really, really oversized in my (limited) experience.

  2. I'm a busty 34H and deifinitely not small otherwise, and most of my wardrobe is from COS. I have a local store that I can try things on in which is always good, because whilst normally a L or even XL, today I walked out with dresses in S and XS. I hope you try try it!

    1. Thank you...maybe I will. I do love some of their styles.


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