Monday, July 18, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Madewell Secrets and $50 Jeans.

Madewell has been running a "secret stock" sale with an extra 40% off and is also offering $50 jeans with the code CLASSIFIED. I had been impatiently waiting for this pair to go on sale and snapped them up:

I ordered them in the size down that I remember being the best fit when I tried them on months ago. They're final sale, though, so fingers crossed for me!  I also think this pair looks great (love the Perfect Vintage) and I am secretly very enamored with this flared pair:

There was nothing more flattering than a flared jean worn with a heel, remember? Those were the days (but never again to low-rise. Never again, I say! ) As for the rest of the sale, I really like this gauze blouse:

And hey, my dumb hat is on sale and an extra 40% off and so is that good herringbone chain! Also, how cute is this little dress? 

And this shirt-jacket! I think I posted about this one not long ago:

It didn't work for me and it's VERY oversized, but is nicely made and weighty enough to actually be a jacket. Just don't be like me and buy your normal size. 

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