Friday, October 9, 2015

Cute Boy Friday: It's Time to Talk About David Bowie, Part I

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge Bowie fan and have been ever since I was a little kid thanks to my older sister. He's the one thing we can always agree on. Now, I wasn't sure he really qualified as "cute" but man, check out this awesome 60s glower:

Bowie bershon! I love it. He's adorable. And really, he's just so interesting and striking and those eyes:

Who else but David Bowie could have a mugshot this incredible? I mean this is INCREDIBLE:

Ugh, so freaking cool. This is from the same era as the mugshot during the shooting of The Man Who Fell To Earth (and later used as a cover for Rolling Stone):

But, I think it would be a mistake to discount how freaking great he looked after he got clean. His tanned, blonde popstar era TOTALLY WORKED. 

That hair is kind of amazing. I think the most beautiful he ever looked was in the movie Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (which is really good if you haven't seen it.) 

Daaaaang, right. Yes. One more very striking photo from the 80s popstar era: 

Next week I'll move on to modern-era Dave. (And maybe skip the Goblin King stuff because I am real tired of that being a certain generation's intro to Bowie.) 

Part II is here


  1. Have you seen this????

    1. Ha! That has been posted on my FB wall approximately 800 times by well-meaning friends.

  2. Yes, "cute" seems way too watered down for Bowie. Thanks for this collection!

  3. Bowie, always and forever.

  4. I don't know. His teeth scare me. I think I've been watching The Walking Dead too much


    These are too good!!! I love love love his incisors -- they make him seem weirdly dangerous. And tasty.

  6. Also there is this, for olden tymes' sake:

  7. Oh, you pretty things...


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