Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Adrien: This Old Thing. Some More.

Every time I wear this dress it makes me want more dresses like it - fun print, washable, inexpensive. This one was from Old Navy and I've worn it on the blog a few times already:

Old Navy usually does a good job with prints. This patterned swing dress is worth investigating and I love the bird print on this printed shift dress. And, hey, nobody does a fun print dress quite like BCBG. PS. Has anyone tried this Merona printed shirtdress? I'm curious.

I threw on a scarf because it's hard to shove a cardigan over these sleeves. I suck at making scarves look nice but I do love them. Mine is the "speckled metallic scarf" by Subtle Luxury and I got it in a Pop Sugar box so there are lots on eBay. Or, you could go with this amazing dupe.

My usual Giles and Brother skinny railroad spike bracelets and a tassel necklace from Ann Taylor. They have a couple good looking tassel necklaces right now! This one looks like a smaller version of mine and this is a double jobby. Or you can just wear them all at once

And, my new-old favorite Loeffler Randall Matilde boots and my new-very-old MBMJ Mag Bag. I've raved about the Mag Bag before and I think this MBMJ tote would be a very nice modern update and this Cole Haan tote nails the pewter color. Just saying.


  1. I have that old navy bird dress in my cart! WANT. And I bought that target dress awhile ago. It's a good one and normally their dresses are terrible on me. I'll try to remember to wear it and I'll take you a picture!


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