Monday, October 19, 2015

Adrien: So much Internationalist.

I refuse to become one of those people who give up wear sneakers every day and everywhere like it's NBD. I like my cute shoes and I will wear them! However, I do think there's a place for sneakers and I don't think that place has to be ugly. I've been on the hunt for a cute pair of retro-style sneakers that I can wear out on the weekends and still feel like I look pulled together. Kim France posted a few recently and I was immediately taken with the Nike Internationalist. Whee:

This is my Saturday outfit, sneaker-style. I got my black/grey pair on but I am really into this mulberry pair (on sale at Macys!) So cute. I was also considering this pair of New Balance for J.Crew (also a Kim France rec) in the navy blue, but in the end I wanted a sneaker that was more understated. 

It makes me happy that cute sneakers are a thing right now and you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount on a designer pair. (I mean, what?) Old Navy has a cute pair and check out this incredibly cool pair of Pumas at Off Fifth!  Even Anthro has gotten the memo, which is pretty funny. And, Lands' End surprises me yet again. Huh.

I'm wearing my new Nikes with a striped shirt from Banana Republic that I bought last year. They have this one which looks identical and this one which isn't but I like it. I'm also wearing my Downtown Field Jacket from J.Crew like it's my job. (It's 30% off right now. Join my cult!) 

And, the same MBMJ bag as always (which I want in another color) and my Shockoe Atelier jeans. My necklace is a Giles and Brother hook pendant which they don't make anymore, but you should consider this railroad spike pendant instead. It's good stuff. 


  1. I love sneakers. They make my feet and my back sooo happy, while a collection of high heels weeps in the closet.

  2. You and I have such similar taste...I have the "Downton" jacket, the bag (in black, desperately want cement too) and similar kicks. Mine are Saucony (due to wide feet) and I've had similar black ones for years. I also have three other colors. You gotta love that bit of pain free height the sneakers give you! Carry one with your great blogging!