Tuesday, October 6, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Banana Republic Bags on Sale!

**Added a few new things to the blog shop!**

FINALLY. Finally Banana Republic has a 40% off code with no exclusions: BRCARD. (It's early access for cardholders but no fear if you're not. I'm guessing the "everyone" code will come out tomorrow.) This means you should probably buy one of the really cute new bags they have because I have no justification. At all. Dammit. Just do it. Do it for science.

 First, this tote is pretty damn ridiculous. The color is gorgeous and it's a minimalist dream:

Larkin Tote

How could that not improve your daily existence? It might, is all I'm saying. And HEY, how freaking cute is this little crackle stripe:

Mini Larkin Crackle-Stripe Tote

SO EFFING CUTE. I sincerely want this little bag in all it's crackle striped glory. It would go with everything! It's winter-white! It's sporty but sleek! And it has a Larkin tote cousin with a blue stripe! SIGH.  Finally, if you've been looking for something smaller, I'd definitely consider this little crossbody:

Double Pouch Crossbody

It also comes in olive, camel, grey and black but I really think the oxblood is the very best option because duh. Oxblood. I should also mention that code BRSALE will get you 40% off of sale items including this cute drawstring bag and literally no other bags. Hmmm. Striped shirt, anyone?

PEE ESS, don't forget to use eBates for a whopping 2.0% cash back! Hey, it adds up. 

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