Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Being a Unicorn.

As I mentioned last week, I am tired of being so lame and casual out in the world and decided to start making an effort to wear my nicer stuff because it really does make me feel good. It's been unseasonably warm this week (and also now raining which is why my pics look a little weird) so I haven't really had a good chance to wear my awesome new Avec Les Filles leopard jacket out in the world. But, I'll wear it inside for you guys because why not? First, we start here:

This is a pretty standard "me" outfit. I'm wearing my Letluv lightning bolt thermal which is still a favorite of mine. It's ridiculously oversized but really cozy and I love the graphic. It's long sold out but I super love this Letluv Joan Jet tee and ooooh, they have a glitter bolt sweatshirt now! I wish I didn't know that. I'm also pretending to not know about this Bowie tee. Stop it, Anthro. Let's add in the jacket and see what happens:

You guys, I love this jacket. It's soft and badass all at the same time. It's a classic moto jacket style but instead of being cropped it's nicely oversized so it covers your butt! It's made of wool but is kind of furry? Hard to explain. I am wearing a size medium and can zip it up, I just don't wanna. (It just looks way better unzipped.) It's an older style, so currently only available at Amazon and there's a super sherpa version at Off Fifth. There's also a much more understated corduroy leopard jacket by Avec Les Filles at Anthro if that's more your style. 

Imma stick to the crazy one, myself. My pants, by the way, are the Athleta Headlands Hybrid leggings I won't shut up about. Super comfy and thick enough that you don't have to worry that people are judging you for wearing leggings as pants. THEY ARE TOTALLY PANTS. Hmph. They also have a similar style that's fleece-lined and damn. I want those. On to details: 

My earrings are Lulu Frost evil eye studs and you can probably find a pair on Poshmark pretty inexpensively. They are really fun but there are lots of great similar pairs to be found as well. My necklace is my Madewell horn pendant which is sold out but this one from Allsaints is similar and very cool.

My usual very old Cole Haan Chelsea boots and MBMJ hobo bag. (Both are long sold out, so I've linked updated versions.) These have both been very good purchases - things I've used for years and would be lost without. And, because I love you guys I reattached the jacket's faux fur collar with the million tiny, annoying little buttons so you could see what it looks like:

It's a cozy thing but I much prefer the cleaner look of the regular collar. I will probably take it off and stash it away somewhere and then never be able to find it again. Good times. 


  1. LOVE THAT JACKET SO FREAKIN' HARD! and reasonably priced? wha???

    1. Retail was $200, so the Amazon price is really good, yes!

  2. I totally forgot that I'd backordered those Athleta hybrid fleece tights in July -- just received them a few days ago. There must have been a crazy deal at the time because I paid $39.97. Love them and wish I could order several more at that price!