Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We Discuss Brown Crayons and Fashion Lobotomies.

M: I bought that Urban Decay mascara you liked and hate it! Why can't there be One Mascara To Rule Them All? I'm back to using Tarteist for now.

A: Oh no, I'm sorry! I'm wearing it today and still love it though it doesn't really hold up all day.

M: Oh it's fine, I wanted to try something new, and I'm going to take it back and exchange it. I just need a different brush and formula.

A: I have rediscovered my love for Tarte BB cream. Man, that stuff is so good.

M: I re-bought It Cosmetics CC cream and like it a lot. It has more SPF than the Clinique stuff I've been using. It's so annoying that just replacing mascara, CC cream, and an eyebrow pencil was 96 freaking dollars. But I returned some other stuff so broke even.

A: That's some good sale math! I am nearly out of my Tarte BB cream, my Pixi cleanser and my Juno oil. Whyyyyy all at once?

A: Also! I got my eBates payout and used it to buy that $22 Foley + Corinna bag I didn't need. Oops.

M: Haaaa speaking of sale math.

A: Hush.

M: I did go back to an eyebrow pencil after over a year of Ka-Brow because I got tired of dealing with it and turns out the pencil took just as long because I'm rusty I guess.

A: I am currently using a NYX eyebrow pencil and an Anastasia pencil and, while the colors are different, the pencils are basically identical.

M: I should have gotten a cheaper one but I already knew the Benefit pencil is the right brown for me--so many dark browns have red in them and I have a very cool undertone and blah blah blah $24 for a brown crayon.

A: That's why I'm using two - one is too red, the other too brown. It's really stupid. It takes hours.

M: Sometimes I wish I was some person who never shops and wears the same stuff forever and doesn't wear makeup and is literally the opposite of everything I am.

A: I would like to be the kind of person who doesn't care about clothes or shopping or makeup but I don't know how to do that. How do you do that?

M: Total personality transplant? Lobotomy?

A: A lobotomy might work but sounds expensive.

M: Yeah voluntary fashion lobotomies are prob not covered by insurance.

A: That figures.

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