Thursday, August 24, 2017

Stuff I Like: Watching, Reading, Liking, Listening.

Another week of this-and-that! I suspect when the season starts to change I'll get back in the groove with having more in-depth things to write about but right now it feels like I've shared literally every single thing I've ever liked with you guys. So, a little of everything:

This Movie With Daniel Craig Which OMG
Remember this post? I am ridiculous. Anyway, I got over my horror and went to see Lucky Logan last weekend and it was SO good. Fun and clever and it had a lot of good cameo appearances. I love a heist movie and Steven Soderbergh is dependably good at them. And, while it was really amusing to see Daniel Craig in a humorous role, I thought Adam Driver's more subtle performance completely upstaged everyone. Anyway, it's not THE MOST AMAZING movie I've ever seen, but it was a really good time.

This Podcast That Makes Me Glad I'm Not Dating
I did the online dating thing for quite a while and (somewhat) regret that I didn't blog about it. Shit be crazy. I have a boyfriend now (hooray!) but I'm still really enjoying the Why Oh Why Podcast which is about dating (and also relationships.) It skews younger than ancient old me, but I still find the subject interesting and it's a good podcast for when you need a break from current events.

These Striped Capris That Are Mysteriously Flattering
During the last Athleta sale I blacked out and ordered a pair of super-on-sale striped capri pants. I was planning on returning them before they even arrived because why the hell would I put horizontal stripes on my thighs, but they're really good! Something about the way the pattern is cut is surprisingly flattering and I wear them a lot. I especially love that they don't have a back zip pocket so you don't hurt your spine when you roll around during yoga things. My pair is the black/grey colorway (very few sizes left) but they also have a blue/white and black/white version.

Update: I am still reading 1Q84. This is what happens when you download a book instead of getting a paper version because you don't realize that it's 1,300 freaking pages long. It's good but I feel like I've been reading it my entire adult life and I might need to take a short break and read something fluffy because my Kindle informs me that I'm 52% of the way through and I am about to cry.

PS. This Dumb Thing That Pleases Me
I follow National Geographic on Instagram and nearly every single time they post a photo Cypress Hill (yes, the hip hop band) leaves an emoji comment. I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS IS SO CHARMING IT JUST IS.


  1. I'm a long time lurker on your blog, but just had to note how happy it made me to see you mention the Cypress Hill emojis... they delight me on a regular basis, as well!

  2. Yes, I also love how Cypress Hill does that! I'm so glad others have noticed this, haha

  3. Listened to 1Q84 during my really long commute - it took me months with the 28 CDs from the library, but I made it.. you're a saint for reading it!

    1. I AM SO MAD ABOUT IT. Seriously. It's been locking up my Kindle for months.