Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Adrien: Weekend Dirtbag.

I mostly post work outfits but if I had my way I'd probably dress more like this every day in the summer. It's not particularly exciting or fashionable (I mean, literally t-shirt and jean shorts) but the key to super-casual is to make sure your details are interesting. So:

After bashing Everlane yesterday I felt like I should defend their amazing Cotton V tee shirts because no matter how far I stray, I always come back to the Cotton V. I bought this one pretty recently along with another black one because I get mad when I run out of Everlane tees. They are the softest and the most comfortable and they fit me really well. Plus, $15 each doesn't seem like too much, right?

Really, every time I think about ordering something odd from Everlane I should just look at the t-shirts instead. This Open Neck Tee looks like fun and the striped Cotton Muscle Tank looks like me, doesn't it? My denim shorts are Old Navy and they've gotten a lot of wear this summer. My pair is sold out but these are basically the same ones. Every year I contemplate buying pricier denim shorts and every year Old Navy delivers a good alternative. I'll save that money for jeans! This fall I'd like to buy a pair of jeans that's outside my comfort zone - something like these wide-leg crops from Madewell or this pair of high-rise slim boyjeans. Something that isn't skinny is the goal. 

Daniel came by to say hi. He only has one outfit but it's a really cute one. Details:

The trick (I've decided) with going super casual is to make sure your accessories are sharp and look deliberate. I'm wearing a Madewell necklace that's pretty subtle, but always gets compliments. This pendant definitely works in that capacity and I absolutely love this Minkoff spike pendant, which would look really striking against a plain tee. And ugh, Marianne has this beautiful Paddle Pendant and I looooove it. I'm also wearing my Lisa Freede bracelet that's similar to this one.

I'm wearing my most aggressively comfortable Birkenstocks - the Arizona in Hunter leather. I love them even though they're a lot of sandal...or maybe because they're a lot of sandal. I'm also carrying my favorite of my MBMJ hobos! It's available in a slightly different version on TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack has my exact bag in a few colors.  I love being all monochromatic with the dark greys. I do what I want! Or I'm just lazy! Heh.


  1. I think you should get a red watch band for a pop of color. Or purple. I have a Fitbit Charge HR and have 6 bands to swap out. I am also a phone case junkie.

    1. I know! I keep meaning to get more bands for my watch and just haven't done it yet.