Friday, August 25, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Stuff I Want That's On Sale.

Uggh, I hate being all wanty for stuff especially when most of it is on sale and torturing me. My coping mechanism is always to foist my wanty-ness off on you so I'm going to continue to do that even though it doesn't really make me want stuff less. I'm just mean. Here's what I want:

This beautiful cloud grey MBMJ tote that is literally hurting my feelings on a daily basis. Rude. 

This beautiful Ulla Johnson top that isn't even my style and is still too expensive but I totally love it.

These silver pointy-toed skimmers that would change my life, I'm sure of it.
(FYI, use my Spring link for $20 off your first Spring purchase of $75+, plus 15% back via eBates!!)

These glamorous Ray Bans that could actually break my aviator addiction.

This eyeshadow palette that I need like a hole in the head but it's now $27! I know

These pretty, minimal 14K rose gold earrings. TJ Maxx! Seriously!

This J.Crew Signet bag that isn't technically big enough but I love the snakeskin detailing. A lot.

THIS LEATHER JACKET THAT I WANT SO BAD. I want it so much I wasn't going share it in case you buy it out from under me. Seriously, I am not even sure I'll include it. Please stop looking at it. 

Stop it. 

Why are you still looking at it. 


  1. That leather jacket is awesome. Damnit.

  2. I am looking at that leather jacket without my eclipse glasses and no matter how hard I look I can see it is not my size. Your lucky day!

  3. Sorry to be an enabler, but as I clicked on the link I thought for sure it would be $400-500 for the jacket. If you get it but no other clothes in fall and winter maybe?

    1. Unfortunately I'd need a size medium which did indeed sell out. :(

  4. That purse!!! Sold out in every color. Which lead me down the rabbit hole of all the purses...I refrained from my buying any. Today.