Monday, August 14, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx, The Boot Report.

Yes, once again I've been scouring the new arrivals on the TJ Maxx website lest a good bargain gets away from my grabby grasp. I don't generally link to the shoes because the sizing is so limited, but there are some GOOD boots right now so you'll just have to pray to the size gods. Here's what I saw:

Delman boots! Several beautiful pairs:

These Delman riding boots are so glorious, I can't even. Tiny sizes only, I'm afraid, but YOU GUYSThese are $600 boots. If you have tiny feet please buy them because I can't! Ugh.

These over-the-knee boots are pretty legendary in the fashiony world for good reason. They're stretch suede so they fit like a glove and retail for close to $700 according to Nordstrom Rack. Again, tiny sizes only. BOOOO.

These Delman suede ankle boots have a better size range available and the price is incredible! Nordstrom Rack has a few colors available (and better pics) but the prices aren't nearly as good.

In non-Delman boot news, there are a couple of really great looking leather Chelsea boot styles all well under $100:

These are your basic perfect black Chelsea boot! They also come in a cool snake texture that of course I love. 

I immediately loved this pair of wingtip Chelsea boots because they remind me of the glorious and expensive Church's version that will never be mine. PS. They come in burgundy too! 

TJ Maxx also has several pairs of Frye boots but, while the prices are good, they aren't amazing. This pair is under $200 and looks like a super-classic Frye style:

Pretty nice, right? The perfect cognac brown and not too cowboy-leaning. Nordstrom Rack also has a ton of Frye boots, so definitely do a bit of comparison shopping. 

One more pair! Remember how you kept waffling last fall about perforated ankle boots? Maybe you didn't give in? Now's the time:

These beauties are Dolce Vita and they also come in a medium grey color. They're leather and under $60! These will be your perfect transition-to-autumn ankle boots. What are you waiting for? 


  1. ENABLER!! My baby feet just bought those Delman riding boots. :-)

    1. You lucky thing! I hope they're as dreamy as they look!

    2. I will post an update + pic when they arrive. :-)

  2. I saw Old Navy is carrying metallic booties and thought of you!


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