Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marianne: Cold Weather, Not My Favorite

Y'all, it is COLD outside.What happened? Fall is okay but once it's actually cold I go into hibernation mode and it makes getting dressed...difficult. I'm really determined to not fall right into my rut of tunic sweater + skinny jeans + tall boots + scarf this year.
Totally, totally not the same.
 So here is a sweater DRESS + tights + ANKLE boots + scarf. See? Totally different. This is the warmest dress ever and I just looked a the tag and realized it's maternity. Oops? Well, it fits a non-pregnant person and that just means there is extra stretchy room for pie.

Lu had a lot of questions for me this morning. For example, why do we have to wear coats and sweaters now? Why can't we go swimming? Why is it so effing dark?

I don't know what to tell you kid. Let's get out of here.

scarf: Fred Flare (cute red animal print scarf here,and covetable McQueen scarf here)
dress: Isabella Oliver (similar cozy sweater dress here and cheap version here)
ankle boots: Vince Camuto Hadley (similar here)
bag: Su-Shi Old Skool Mini (another great satchel here and inexpensive version on sale here)


  1. Hi there, I LOVED those boots and ordered them today from Bloomingdales with a bunch of stacked codes! OK, truth is I LOVE Rag and Bone but anyway, can't wait for them to arrive, ordered two to check out sizes.... Thanks for enabling!

  2. That is one adorable daughter you've got. She looks at you with such imploring eyes!

  3. I just found your blog and literally laughed out loud at "Why is it so effing dark?" Great question.