Monday, October 1, 2012

Marianne: Replacements.

How much do you buy into the whole idea that every woman must have certain things in their closet? You know the drill, it always includes things like a trench coat and the perfect white button down shirt? Well, I've always pretty much ignored it, except lately I keep pulling out this beyond ratty, at least 10-years-old J. Crew button down and wearing it. It's just so comfortable and fits so nicely, but it also has yellowed arm pits (sorry, ew), and has generally seen better days.

Trust me, this shirt is worn out.
 The problem? Shopping for a white button-down shirt is soooooo  boooooooring. The other problem? The only things I like are too expensive, like this T by Alexander Wang Silk and Mesh Combo Blouse:

That's pretty, right? Just unusual enough, but also over $200. BIG SIGH. This Theory shirt would also do and is also over $200 because of course it is:

So I am reaching out to you guys. Does that perfect white button down exist? Because I have really got to stop wearing the pit-stained one. I mean, seriously.

top: J. Crew
pants: Pilcro and the Letterpress, anthropologie (in red and blue here)
shoes: French Sole Sloop (those are on sale and the BEST!)
bag: Su-Shi Old Skool Mini in Honey Brown (in red and black here)


  1. That T by Alexander Wang shirt is straight up hurting my feelings.

  2. I found one on the sale rack at Old Navy on Friday -- it's light t-shirt material through the body, but the cuffs and collar and pockets are cotton. I love the way it fits -- it's tailored through the torso -- and it's so damn comfy. The t-shirt material makes it drape nicely but it still has pretty good shape. I think I paid $9 for it. I looked for it online just now but couldn't find it.

  3. The Walkabout Shirt from has knit side panels and seems universally flattering. You can also often get nice, plain stretch silk classic shirts from Talbots for cheap during their semi-annual red hanger sales. I can't wear non-stretch button downs because my relationship with fabric is fraught, so I rely on the slightly stretchy options when I need this type of shirt.

  4. Have you tried the Banana Republic No Iron Stretch? I have to go one size up from a normal "blouse" size. A tad pricey, though not $200 and frequently goes on sale.

    1. I'll second this one. I think the one I have is the fitted sateen non-iron shirt, which has just a wee bit of stretch. The fabric feels very luxurious for a $60 shirt. The only problem is it's not quite as opaque as I'd like, so I have to wear an undershirt.

  5. Also, nab some white bright to get you through until you find the replacement:

  6. Since you like the one you've got so much, why don't you try another J Crew button down? Not the cheapest option, but no where near $200, either.

  7. You are so right! I'm on the hunt for a classic white buttondown too, but it's painful. Every contender turns out to be: a)sheer or b) hi-low. I would rather not have to layer underneath, thank you very much. And I detest this hi-low trend: it will be gone within a year, so I want a classic cut! (This one that I recently ordered from Anthro is both: )Grrr.
    Sorry for the rant :)

  8. Eddie Bauer wrinkle-free (or wrinkle-resistant, something like that). It IS boring but I hate ironing, hate wrinkles, so it works for me!

  9. I had one I loved, but yes, it got so pit stained it was embarrassing. It was a Gap one with swiss dots on it and I still miss it. Sniff!