Friday, October 5, 2012

With Friends Like That...


A: I just. What?

M: Those shorts are like a yeast infection waiting to happen.

A: I feel like this might be some kind of a practical joke? Like, she laid out her outfit the night before and her BFF secretly replaced her regular pants with sparkly green hotpants.

M: Like those old Folger's commercials?

"We've replaced this young woman's pants with sequined hotpants...let's see if she can tell the difference."

A: I don't think she can tell the difference.

M: I mean the chafing ALONE!

A: She does have a weird look on her face, like, "Why is that photographer taking my...DAMMIT. HOTPANTS."


A: They are a jaunty pop of color?

M: And a pretty color at that. Just not so close to her Good Girl, maybe?

A: If it was a skirt and longer and she wasn't wearing those shoes and maybe also not the vest, maybe? Yes.

M: And do something with the hair and I'm not sure about the glasses, either. Otherwise perfect!

A: Oh yeah, the hair. No. Basically, we like her white t-shirt.

M: Lovely t-shirt! Well done, you.

A: Man, we are a couple of picky bitches.

M: It's not called picky when you're right.

A: And we are definitely right.


  1. If you ladies did a blog that was nothing but a non-stop conversation like this one it would be my favorite blog ever. So funny, yo!

  2. You are definitely right. Her shorts would be great for a dance troupe. Maybe not even then.

  3. Totally right. That shizz is atrocious.

  4. Goodness me, the shorts are horrific! Although I kind of think everything else (minus the white sock/black shoe combo) miiiiiight be okay if she wore it with something else. It's hard to tell because I'm blinded by the shorts.

    But on to the real reason I'm commenting: bad fashion choices aside, this woman is, like, my freakin' clone. Like right down to the 'I don't know what to do with my arms and legs' awkward posture and sort of squinty 'why are you taking my picture' face that I always have in pictures, no matter what I think my face and body are doing when I'm actually posing for the picture. I am now a little afraid that I have an alternate personality who likes to dress up in hotpants made from skinned mermaids and parade around waiting for streetstyle photographers to come along and record my insanity for the world to see. I think I might be more comfortable with an alternate personality who is a serial killer.

    Oh, God, I hope there's a support group for this...