Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: Never Look Back, Walk Tall, Act Fine.

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time you know about my thing for David Bowie and you also know that I have quite a collection of Bowie tees and also a sweatshirt. (Whenever I wear that sweatshirt out in the world I get wistful, sad smiles from other women. It's lovely and a little off-putting.) 

ANYWAY, I am a super fan and I'm always looking for my next t-shirt fix. When I saw this one at Anthro I was immediately all, OUTTA MY WAY LET'S DO THIS. (I get that this isn't precisely a Bowie shirt but y'all. It is totally a Bowie shirt.) Then I looked at the price tag and was like, NOPE. Fuck you, Anthro. I decided I'd wait for a sale. 

Then my birthday came along with a discount and a gift card and I bought the lightning bolt tee so fast it was silly that I even thought I wouldn't. It's SO GOOD. A nice heavyweight waffle tee with an oversized fit (I'm wearing a small) and, bonus, it's keeping me from wanting this ridiculous thing. The brand is Letluv and they also make an over-priced Ramones tee that I want but I'm not sure how I feel about buying a Ramones tee from Anthro, you know? The Blondie sweatshirt is also cute, though? I am conflicted. 

Here it is tucked in like a GD adult. I'm wearing my awesome tee with my very, very old Target moto jeggings because I saw Marianne wearing them the other day and was like, oh, right. I have those too. I was pretty sure they wouldn't fit but they're 90% stretch so I just went with it. I definitely would like an upgrade on these, though. I've got my eye on this pair from Athleta or maybe these jeans from Sanctuary?  On to details:

The lightning bolt is quite the star of this show so I kept things simple with my little Pyrrha Jewelry pendant. I'm also wearing my Madewell Perfect belt which is not. 

My Longchamp le pliage bag has been getting a lot of use lately! I love that it's lightweight and holds a surprising amount. The nicer nylon version is available here in red and there's a different red available here in leather. My sneaker boots are Vince and they're on sale over at Off 5th! A nice change from my usual Chelsea boots. That's all I got for today but be certain you will see this shirt on the blog quite a lot in the future. Sorry/not sorry.


  1. um, I love it! it looks like it's been worn and loved and reached that perfect level of 'loved in'(?) clothing. Your haircut looks perfect with it too :) (I just remembered I have a blog list to read and it's so exciting!)

  2. "NOPE. F*ck you, Anthro" is basically my mantra. They are just too. damn. expensive. ALL THE TIME. Even for T-SHIRTS. Ugh.

    Cute outfit tho :)