Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Adrien: Basically My Dream Outfit.

Disclosure: I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. 

YOU GUYS. I have found my perfect casual outfit and I want to wear it every single day until spring:

I KNOW RIGHT. Thanks to Marianne, I immediately went to Target to check out these Mossimo camo jeggings which are so ridiculously good. They are suuuuper stretchy which could get annoying but so far they're really comfortable and super cute and under $30. Can't beat that. If you can't do Target clothes or don't have access, this pair at JC Penney is also cute and really inexpensive. If you want something a bit less Jeanz for Teenz, I'd go with this pair at Nordstrom

Okay, let's talk about this Daydreamer sweatshirt. I originally found it when I was linking up this entry. At the time I thought it was a bit on the nose but it still made me happy, because Bowie. It popped up again and again. It got marked down. It got marked down more. Finally I just freaking bought it. And you guys? I LOVE IT. So ridiculously soft, perfectly slouchy, stupidly direct. It's still available in size small (I'm wearing a medium) and I highly recommend it at the sale price. Daydreamer also makes a Def Leppard sweatshirt and a lot of really cute tees. I mean, ugh. They have my number and keep calling me. 

I'm going all city with this look so any excuse to wear my new Everlane boots, which I'll talk about in a minute. First, details:

I bought this little pendant from Banana on clearance because it reminded me of one that Francesca wore on Master of None. The two little gold bars are delicate but still make a statement. Unfortunately it's sold out but this one by Freida Rothman is really good and this one is a bit more spendy but looks like a dead ringer for Francesca's necklace. I'm also wearing my Alexis Bittar cocktail ring because why not. This one is pretty similar but it's no snake ring. Bless that weirdo. 

Same ole MBMJ hobo bag because that's the way I roll. I do occasionally look at other bags, I promise. I love the stud detail on this Minkoff hobo and this woven leather Cole Haan bag is really striking, though the sleek plain version is more my speed. My boots are, as I mentioned, my new Everlane Street Ankle boots. They're breaking in well and I'm really happy I bought them!

One more view of the camo print and boots. I love this combo a lot. Have you checked out the Mossimo jeggings yet? Part two of Marianne's Target recommendations is coming tomorrow...


  1. The booties are SO GOOD. I am wearing mine right this second and I love them far more than someone should love a pair of shoes.

  2. I have the jeggings from last year in army green. I love them. My most comfortable pants - I wear them for work, travel, weekend. LOVE!


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