Friday, October 13, 2017

Marianne: Guys, we need to talk about Target.

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This post is not sponsored but Target, you're the tits. Call me!

Heyo, Marianne here coming at you with a hot tip--actually three posts worth of hot tips because I can't help myself. I don't know about you, but I have been READY to do some fall shopping, only to be terribly disappointed by all my usual haunts. I've taken to stalking past season Vince on eBay because nothing new appeals to me (or I just can't afford to buy much of it--looking at you Madewell, though I still want this damn bag. My usual go-tos like Loft are just not doing it for me. Like, no.

Anyway! I've been selling a lot of my clothes but not replacing them and for the first time possibly ever I am in the position of not having much to wear. Yesterday I hated my cobbled-together outfit so much that I stopped at Target and bought some emergency pants (more on that in a sec) and guys WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT TARGET.

Target! I know people have been shopping there forever but it's never really done it for me. Stuff never fit me great, it felt cheap, and it was the kind of trendy that felt dated before the season was even over. But not any more!

One of my friends rolled into work looking like she walked off of the Madewell site and it was ALL TARGET. Their new line A New Day is just insanely cute and there's a ton of Mossimo stuff that looks amazing too. So, this is the first of three posts jam-packed with things that caught my eye, and in my last post I'll show you what I actually bought.

I never really got over those damn J Brand Houlihan Pants (J Brand fits me terribly) so these pants are appealing to me...I just can't decide between the blue or the burgundy:


I am also really feeling these camo pants and not sure how I feel about that. Also these jeans were surprisingly soft and not too thin (the thing I hate about cheap jeans):

But, I also like the raw hem on these. You know what would be real cute with those skinny pants? This excellent drinking-gin-in-a-ditch poncho:

But again I ask you WHAT COLOR. I am also 100% going to buy this hat:

Because I love a good hat, it's wool, and it looks like you paid a solid $50 more for it at Anthro. Last, but not least, back to those Emergency Pants that I bought. These Mossimo High Waisted Jeggings are SHOCKINGLY GOOD:

I have bought and later sold three pairs of olive green skinny pants over the last couple of years and I just couldn't ever find The Ones. These pants are damn near perfect, especially considering they are under $30. I sized up because it's Target and I didn't want them to be skin tight, but they do stretch out and I probably could have stuck to my regular size. They are a bit cropped on me because I'm tall, but they look cute with booties so I don't care. They are SO SOFT and I am probably going to buy moooorrrre, like the ones linked above (dare I get the camo? DARE I?).

Okay that's a lot of words about Target and all I really talked about was pants, a poncho, and a hat! Stay tuned for my next post where I branch out into SWEATERS...yay.


  1. I really don’t understand LOFT right now. And I am totally checking out the Target jeggings!

  2. Target left us in Canada! When it was here I bought allthethings.

  3. Have you tried on the Target cargo jeggings? Those side pockets look like they could go really wrong which would be a shame - the colors are great.

    1. Yes! I tried them on an liked them, I believe Marianne bought a pair.

    2. There you go, Diane. I guess you'd better get a pair. :)

  4. Thanks for the update - I bought the cammo ones. If you use the cartwheel app (or ask at customer service desk) all jeans at Target are 20% off


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