Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Adrien: A Worthy Purchase.

As much as we talk about shopping around here, I don't actually purchase/keep a ton of stuff. I tend to obsess, to consider, to order and return. I want my clothes to be perfect but I don't have the budget for perfect. But every now and then I really get it right and this tuxedo jacket is the proof:

I already talked about it in this post but I am happy to report that I've worn it out in the world a few times and I absolutely love it. I love how sleek it is, the slightly oversized fit, and that it can dress up jeans or be worn over a dress and vastly improves both. My jacket was purchased from TJ Maxx (regrettably sold out) but it's still available on the Halston website, final sale. If that's too much of a risk there's also a nice looking version at Talbots and, if you're a size 8/M, this one at The RealReal is well-priced. I also really like this one from Anthropologie and oooh, check out this velvet tuxedo jacket! So great for winter.

I kept everything else really simple with my grey LOFT dress and Spanx tights, which I swear by. Here's my dumb dress: 

It's fine but now LOFT has a few that are way cuter (and seem to have escaped Wacky Sleeve Syndrome) so now I want new, different plain-ass swing dresses. I mean, this one is basically what I have but isn't this one way better? And the color on this one! Autumnal af. And Lou & Grey have a cute one even though the name is awful. I don't know what's wrong with me. Let's check out the details:  

I'm wearing my BR sale necklace that's sold out but this one at Off Fifth is somewhat similar and probably nicer, tbh. My bracelet is Lisa Freede and is sorta like this one but I love this Vita Fede version better. Of course. 

My ankle boots are from Madewell (still some on eBay) but this updated pair is gorgeous. My bag is a vintage LV speedy but listen, don't be like me. You do need a red bag but this one is a much better deal. (Talbots is killing it this fall! Yes, I said that.) I also love this one at TJ Maxx A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. Ugh.


  1. So glad you pulled the trigger on this jacket. It is SO good on you!

  2. Gorgeous jacket that looks terrific on you. Look forward to seeing more of it.


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