Monday, October 9, 2017

Fall Wish List: Update (and a few recommendations)

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A few weeks ago I posted my fall wish list and I've been hard at work buying shit I don't really need. Not really. I mean, kind of? Here's where it stands right now:

Leopard Flats
I've been back and forth on this because flats are such a risk, you know? Even my comfortable flats aren't that comfortable and the idea of spending $100 on shoes that might wreck me is just...unappealing. Then I remembered a pair of Ugg leopard loafers I saw online last year. I wavered and didn't buy them (sound familiar?) and of course they sold out. Welp, I found them on eBay NIB and bought them and they're PERFECT. They have fuzzy wool footbeds and feel like slippers.

I love them! Hopefully they'll serve me well. They're sold out everywhere except for the occasional pair on eBay but Ugg also makes this cute leopard flat and these cute zebra pointy zebra flats.

I think we all know how this story ended. I am just going to have to keep an eye on the Madewell boots and maybe they'll go on super-sale after the holidays. (I'm ignoring the fact that they're on sale right this second. Hush.)

This wish list item is on hold in my brain. I'm still thinking about those olive suede Pumas, but they aren't crucial.

Ugh, you guys. I really love this new striped Everlane cashmere sweater! They have a bunch of $100 cashmere sweaters right now but I am trying hard to save some money so it will just have to wait. Plus, it's still 80° outside so it's hard to imagine draping myself in cashmere right now. Repeat after me: I don't need it immediately. I don't need it immediately. I don't need it immediately.

A Satchel/Tote
This is definitely a want, not a need. Mostly I've been carrying my grey MBMJ hobo all the time and ignoring my other bags, so it's just...a thought. I really do like this one, though.

Tuxedo Jacket
Solved! Done! As soon as it stops being so freaking hot out, I'll post an outfit with my new jacket.

A few recommendations:

My friend Kate and I made a journey out to the giant mall last weekend because I had an important mission: bra shopping. Sigh. We went to Nordstrom and got measured and everything and I ended up in a different size than I'd been wearing which I'd suspected would happen. I bought this Natori bra:

It's basically perfect. Neither sexy nor mumsy and super comfortable. I love Natori even though they discontinued my favorite bra. Oh, also, hanging on the changing room door, all casual, was this:

Oh yes. That is an Ugg poncho cape thing made out of the softest material on the planet. We both tried it on and I basically bullied Kate into buying it because it's straight up amazing. She loved it and has a long international flight coming up, so it was necessary, right? What could be more perfect? It's the coziest thing I've ever put on.

Finally, if you are currently storing your nice sunglasses in a weird grubby squeeze-top pouch you bought at Old Navy about ten years ago (guilty) please do yourself a favor and buy this:

Just a suggestion but I've been looking for a cute sunglasses case forever and they're surprisingly hard to find. That's it for my recs! Are you doing any fall wish list shopping? If so, whatja get?

PS. These are cute.


  1. I've been looking for a flattering sweater dress for years and found this one from a Canadian store called rw&co, hoping it works for me.
    I'm also looking for some sneakers, preferably black leather slip ons, not perforated because I live in a rainforest, so I keep looking, so much perforation out there. I found some by RL called Jeorgia but haven't pulled the trigger on those just yet. Also Keds Crashback in black leather are an option.

  2. I have those Pumas in grey and now I want them in the olive! They are great and I always get compliments on them. DSW doesn't have my size so I may need to hunt them down. My job seems to be pretty sneaker-dependent these days (I'm a preschool special ed. teacher and I seem to be running a lot this year!).

    1. Did you go with your normal size or a half size up? I tried on both and couldn't decide which to go with.

  3. I bought an Everlane cashmere through the Nordstrom pop up shop and am wavering. It's the crew neck. Large fits fine, but the xl is pleasantly oversized, maybe bordering on sloppy. What do you recommend? Do they shrink or stretch out over time?

    1. I have two of the v-neck (from different years and both fit differently) but haven't tried the crew neck. Mine haven't shrunk or stretched out, so i'd say go with the fit you like best.

  4. It's nice that one of your readers is buying a Canadian thing because when I click on some links I sometimes get: Thank you for shopping, Canada! As if I am thr nation trying to look at a sweater. Maybe the sweater is for handsome Trudeau.


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