Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We Discuss: Airplane Fashions

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M: I’m about to take off for a work trip but there's a lady on the plane with this perfect longish destroyed denim jacket that I want to steal from her body

A: Oooh. Take a stealth pic if you can

M: She's seated behind me now

A: Boo

M: She also has a big rock and Louis Vuitton so it's probably Vetements or something horribly expensive

A: I had not heard of Vetements and I just googled and now I'm gasping in horror

M: Oh gurlllllll

A: The basic tee is $175?

M: It is WILDLY expensive

M: Also:


M: Taking off!

A: Byeeee

M: Wait:

A: Haaaaaaahaha

M: Two thousand dollars

A: I can't

M: Hers is more like this:

A: Maybe this?

M: Hm, that's close.

M: Okay for real on the runway byeeee

A: Byeeee


  1. That coat is sleeping bag chic.

  2. OMG, that coat. Makes me think of Mugatu's derelicte line. The perfect coat for the homeless person with $4000 to burn...


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