Wednesday, February 12, 2020

We Discuss: Hunger Pangs and Overalls.

A: God, the rain. THE RAIN.

M: God save us all

A: I am real over it

M: It is truly my most hated kind of weather

M: HOW can people possibly like winter?

A: I think they have some romantic notion of winter where it’s always pretty and snowing but they don’t have to clean their car off or drive anywhere.

M: right

M: Like a hallmark movie

A: Yep

A: They forget about the endless, bleak rain

M: It’s truly relentless

M: Your drive is going to be so miserable, I’m sorry

A: Eh, what can you do

A: Might get barbecue for lunch, IDK

M: Ugh I literally read that and my stomach was like OH RIGHT

A: I am so hungry. Some jerk left a stack of McDonald’s apple pies in the break room.



A: I hissed at them like Gollum

M: Rude as hell

A: They are calling me, like greasy little sirens.

M: They are only good when hot and fresh and even then they are only okay

M: (I would crush one)

A: Agree

A: (Same)


A: Your Current/Elliott overalls are apparently the same pair that Frankie wears on Grace & Frankie!

A: Hers are a light wash though:


A: I love Frankie!

M: Me toooo

A: Oh, okay. I thought you were mad

A: This just makes you want them more

M: Yes that is what’s happening

M: I’m feel like I’m slowly breaking you down on overalls. Like you’ll never wear them yourself but you’ll find yourself liking them somehow

A: I will never wear them but I'll admit they’re really cute on you

A: And also on Frankie

M: Haha thank you

M: I mean it makes sense because I feel like her aesthetic is basically mine in 20 years

M: Or mine now

A: Yes, you are definitely more Fashion though

M: I think over time I will fully embrace my inner pottery teacher

A: Are you going to buy a pair?

M: I will rent them again, stalk Poshmark, and continue my search for a cheaper pair

A: Good thought process

M: Skinny jeans 😒:

M: I like how rigid they are, the length is fine, but that’s not a skinny leg

A: Are those Everlane?

M: Yeah. No good. For me at least.

A: Bad Boyfriend

M: It is really hard to find skinny jeans that fit a big butt and skinny calves

M: I want those Target green pants in jean form

A: Madewell tencel jeans, girl

M: I am skeptical but maybe while you’re here we can try

M: It’s hard to have a size 14 ass and size 6 calves (recs welcome, y'all!)

A: Yeah, that is tough


M: My Madewell tiger stripe skirt from RTR:

M: Wearing today with tights but I think it’s cuter with bare legs

A: Love it! That is SO cute on you.

M: $68 on sale. I may just have to buy it.

M: I mean I just got an eBay check for the exact amount of the skirt on’s a sign right

A: eBay check?

A: But yes! It's a sign.

M: It’s still in stores, I don’t see it on posh yet

A: What is an eBay check

M: Ebates sorry

A: OH. Okay.

A: I was like, are you my mother

M: 😂


  1. For Marianne regarding jeans: have you tried the Madewell curvy Tencel jeans? I am on the slender side but have a bit of a bum and hips. I tried some on a whim thinking they might work just little bit better than the regular ones bc often I end up frustratingly between sizes esp with Madewell and while they didn't quite work for me (it was the wash more than anything) they *almost* did and I was impressed and might try them again, I'm thinking of getting the 11 inch rise in the Larkspur when they are back in stock.

    1. See, this is what I told her too! We went to Madewell and now she's on board. -Adrien