Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: Yes, I Am Wearing Pink.

Historically, I am not a girly-girl. I don't generally wear pink and I make fun of ruffles every chance I get. So hey, here's an outfit with me wearing a pink shirt with ruffles: 

Okay, the fact that it's a tiny leopard print helps a LOT but I really love this top! I found it at the thrift store I visited with Marianne and bought it because at $1.99lb, it's super easy to take a fashion risk. This top is Dolan Left Coast and was originally sold at Anthropologie. It's not hard to find secondhand, but current Dolan styles can definitely fill your ruffle-y needs. This top is awfully pretty and this one is my kind of animal print. For something in the "pink and girly" category you can't get much more ladylike than this pretty top

 I threw my charcoal gray Juliette sweater-blazer over it because it's still February and I don't want to freeze to death. Plus, it takes down the sweetness a notch. My black pants are Loft Marisa fit (currently only available in a cute blue colorway) and they are perfectly basic black pants. I cuffed them in the first photo and then decided it looked weird. Pants, man. On to details:

Isn't the print cute? I dig it. I'm wearing my usual favorite - a Dean Davidson labradorite tassel necklace (link to the new version) and a tiny compass necklace I got in a Rachel Zoe box years ago. Gorjana has a similar version that I think is really pretty. 

I ditched my MJ hobo because I'm sure y'all are sick of it and decided to try on my new Madewell Transport crossbody. It's a nice little bag for sure but it's really alllll about this sick camera strap. I love it so much! If you already have a cute bag that needs a refresh, the strap can be purchased separately and I might also switch it around to a different bag at some point. 

Here's a closer look. If you missed my Insta story about it last night, it's big enough to hold my iPhone 8+, sunglasses, slim wallet and a few bits and pieces. It's not big but for weekends/travel, it should be fine. Plus, it's cute as hell and that's the really important thing. (My priorities are questionable, I know.) 


  1. I don't usually wear pink or ruffles either but this top is so cute! I think the leopard print and the fact that the ruffles are tiny tone it down a bit. Also, I love the way you layered the necklaces with it!