Tuesday, February 25, 2020

We Discuss: Crossbody Bags I Do Not Need. (It Doesn't End Well.)

A: Per my blog post, I feel like I need a not-too-expensive crossbody that can get wet.

A: But it should be cute, of course

M: Hmmm, Dagne Dover?

A: Oh! I hadn’t thought of that

M: Seems like a situation for neoprene

A: This one looks okay but more than I want to spend on neoprene:

A: I was also considering that quilted MJ but I don't know:

M: I mean if you’re really talking getting wet yeah I wouldn’t do leather

A: I am always into leather but I feel like Scotland is gonna be wet

M: Or I would take your Cambridge satchel because I swear that leather is bombproof

A: Yes, but no zipper! Not that Scotland is known for it’s pickpockets

M: I’d like to see a pickpocket get a push lock flap open without you being like wtf

A: The Cambridge is def bombproof

M: That leather is so rigid

M: That’s what she said

A: Heh

A: I looooove this Madewell bag with the cool strap but I think it’s too small

M: I love that bag too but don’t you have a similar J.Crew one?

A: sold it

M: Ah rats

A: Eh, I assumed I’d find something slightly bigger to replace it

M: Oh! Get a cute strap on Etsy for your Cambridge bag!

M: That’s my jam

A: My Cambridge strap isn't removable

M: Well poop

M: I am trying to save you money for trip shopping haha

A: Madewell sells the straps separately and has a Salt collab but does me no good

M: That Madewell bag is adorable

A: It is

M: Now I want it so thanks


M: Way to go

A: With the discount and the extra $10 off I can get that Madewell bag for $92 but I still think it’s probably tiny

M: I don’t know, really depends what you want to cram in it

M: (We’ve moved into to the enabling portion of the evening)

A: Hahha

A: Mostly just my phone, small wallet, bits and pieces

A: I can spend about the same amount and get the MJ bag but it bothers me that the strap isn’t leather

M: I like the Madewell one a lot more

A: I do to tbh

A: I am trying to figure out if the strap comes with it or if I have to pay separately for the camera strap

A: Oh! One of the reviews says it comes with two straps! And this:

“ I carry my phone, lip balm, pen, keys, and small bible as well as a few cards and cash.”

A: Um, totally same

M: Haaaaa

M: Bible room

A: Hahahha. It me.

A: I might have to get it

A: Forget what I said about wanting a bigger bag that is waterproof

M: I mean if you’re going to buy something I like that one

A: I do too

A: That strap is killing me

A: I could also use it on my red Longchamp, maybe?

A: Under $100 with expedited shipping

M: I would do it

M: And might THANKS

A: Haha

A: It is done

M: Ugh I won’t

M: Only because Kathleen wants to take me shopping in Seattle

A: There you go

A: Plus, will always be Madewell deals

M: Yup and I already bought jeans

A: I will see if it’s worth keeping when it arrives (Which is tonight! Keep an eye on our IG for an update.)


  1. Love that strap! I recently bought the fossil piper toaster crossbody (whatever it's called) on deep discount, but hated the thin leather attached straps. So I cut off the thin leather straps, bought a couple replacement straps from amazon, and voila! Now to see if I can really downsize my bag that much.

  2. MZ Wallace (online store or at many bloomingdales) have the best cross bodies (and great bags in general). They are light, waterproof and can be spot wiped with a cloth. Once I found them, I rarely purchase other brands.