Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Review: Marianne Tries Rent The Runway Unlimited.

Hey guys, it's Marianne. I’m trying Rent the Runway Unlimited, who wants reviews?

I am hoping that this will help curb my shopping, and I have to say that browsing and hearting things on the app is very fun and satisfies a lot of my shopping urges. That said, the system is not without its flaws, mostly you have no way of knowing how things will fit. I am hoping that as I get further along, I’ll get a better ideal of fit, but for this first round 3 of the four things I picked were sent back.

What I’m keeping/wearing:

This very cute Minkpink striped sweater (here on RTR). This is the exact kind of thing that’s perfect for renting, because I wouldn’t pay full price for it and I would probably only wear once or twice before being tired of it. I love the balloon sleeves and the colors.

What I would keep in a different season: the DL1961 Morgana Florence jeans (here on RTR) I'm wearing with the sweater. They fit well and are flattering, but I missed that they are crops and it’s just too cold to expose that much ankle. I wish the rise was a touch higher, so I’m going to try a different style from this brand.

What didn’t work: a MSGM sweatshirt that was literally child sized, and this Louna Teddy coat:

It wasn’t available in my size, and I was impatient and ordered a size up. It’s super cozy and cute but just too big. I tried to make it work this morning and then gave up and put it back in the bag.

I added another item because I have been tempted to buy these Universal Standard overalls (here on RTR) more than once in the past, so I was excited to see them on RTR. Welp, they are a big fat zero:

They look okay here, but I couldn’t even look at myself without the cardigan covering up the worst of it. The bib part is weirdly tiny and literally cut my boobs in half. But! I didn’t have to buy them for full price and deal with returning, and now I know they are Not For Marianne. And also I definitely want some overalls, so the hunt continues.

What did I love about my first RTR order? I love that almost everything came in a reusable garment bag. The coat shipped separately in a plastic reusable bag because it came from a different warehouse. Everything goes back in the bag and I dropped it in a UPS Dropbox on my way in to work. Within 2 days it will be back at RTR and I’ll get to select 3 new items.

I am hopeful that this is a great sustainable way to keep my closet fresh and try some new styles and designers for less money.  Want to try it out for less than the cost of a Madewell top? You can use my link to get $100 off a month of RTR unlimited--making it just $59! You can try and return as many times as you can cram into a month and then cancel if it doesn’t work for you. (Full disclosure--I get credits if you use my code, which will mean more outfit inspiration to share with you!)


  1. First, Marianne, you are style goals. Second, I've been debating RTR unlimited vs Nuuly because I shop a lot and too much. And then I wear stuff a handful of times. Sigh. And you can only sell or consign so much, etc and the waste. ANYWAY. I wear a lot of Anthro, so Nuuly appeals, but then again maybe I'd like RTR unlimited?? Help me decide! Also Nuuly seems pretty higher standard/plus friendly, is RTR unlimited (I am a 14-16)?? Thank you! And thank you for teaching me about gin cardigans!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am about a 14 right now and I have been pleased with the selection on RTR. I also plan to try Nuuly at some point, but I like that you can constantly send items back and get new things with Unlimited, vs being kind of stuck with 6 items on Nuuly. I also like that there are more high end items, as well as bags and jewelry. For $60 for a month I think it's worth trying RTR out, because it's pretty easy to suspend your membership, but I am biased!

    2. Long time RTR user and I will say I wear sizes on the smaller end and I have found that if you’re anything above an 8 there is a LOT more availability.

  2. This is helpful!! I have been curious about RTR and may have to try it out. My main concern now is the ship time and how much time things will be in transit. I’m also now curious about the clogs in the last picture...where are they from?

    1. I was worried about this as well, since I don't live in a big city. So far (I have returned two shipments and am now waiting on my third and fourth), their shipping estimates have been spot on. It took two business days for my return to get back to RTR and processed and then I was able to immediately place my next order. I placed my order Monday afternoon and it will arrive Thursday (tomorrow). The clogs are some old favorites, they are made by Ugg but sadly they don't make them any more.