Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Review: Madewell Griff Tapered Fatigue Pants.

These Madewell Griff pants, I swear. Marianne loves them and I do too: 

The Madewell Griff Tapered Fatigue Pants are the perfect color, the perfect weight, the perfect taper. The length works with clogs, flats or ankle boots! These are your perfect fall jeans-alternative. The issue: they run huge. All of the online reviews back this up so I ordered down a size and then the next size down from that. The down-a-size definitely fit, but they were comfortably loose and I worried that they'd stretch out and be falling off me. It's hard to tell the difference but here they are:

They're meant to be slouchy, so this is probably how they're meant to fit, but I ended up keeping the two-sizes-down pair I'm wearing in the first pic (Marianne did too) because they felt more flattering. They're 100% cotton (and have a linen-like texture) so I definitely won't be putting them in the dryer. If these are not quite for you, I have it on good authority that the Slim Utility pants at BR are really good and they don't have a 11"+ rise, I'm pretty sure. 

Speaking of, the rise on these pants could best be described as "aggresive" but they're perfect to wear with that short, boxy sweater you probably have but don't know what to wear with. Mine is a Lululemon sweater that I thrifted with the intention of selling on Poshmark but then I tried it on and was like, YOU ARE MINE NOW. (This happens a lot.) For a similar sweater, this Lululemon style is close and this Free People sweater looks like a stylish alternative. I also found this option at NR which is cute as hell and under $20! On to details:

I'm wearing my Madewell paperclip chain and my Dean Davidson labradorite tassel pendant. There's nothing else quite similar but this tassel necklace is pretty and I'm keeping an eye on the labradorite jewelry collection at BR right now. Still love these earrings

You guys! I found my Clare V Midi Sac for sale online! I'm not familiar with the site but it seems legit. There aren't any other snake styles available but I really love this leopard version at Anthro. I really want one of the fun straps from Clare V., and will probably get one eventually, but in the meantime I bought this cheapy version from Amazon that is quite good. (The hardware is a bit bigger than CV, but it's working out fine for now.) My clogs are Sanita, another secondhand purchase. They aren't fashion but they are really comfortable and satisfyingly clompy. 

PS. The Madewell Insider Event was supposed to end on the 20th but apparently it's been extended to the 27th, so get you some pants! 


  1. These pants were sold out in my (down two sizes) size in the regular fit so I bought the curvy fit, which have an even higher rise (I have a super long torso, so I love a high rise). Hopefully they fit!

  2. I purchased the pants in two sizes as you did and also with the longer leg just to try. Hoping one fits!

    1. Reporting back on the pants. I ordered one size and two sizes down. The two size down pants fit with room. I likely could have gone down 3 sizes but will keep the ones I have. I kind of like both lengths of these pants and may keep both but the tapered ones are winners (I like them a bit more than the longer ones).

    2. I’m glad they work for you! The sizing n these is so crazy.


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