Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Outfit of the Day: New Bag Day!

Hello! I'm here with this look on my face because I got the cutest bag ever and it's the last one like it in the entire world (which is very rude, I know.) 

I loved Marianne's little green Clare V Midi Sac so much when we were in Austin that I started looking for one of my own. I found this Clare V "garden snake" version on Poshmark and basically threw myself at it, abandoning all plans for a Hammitt VIP bag (for now). It arrived and it's been true tiny crossbody love ever since. The Midi Sac is definitely a small bag but it holds the basics - phone, small  wallet (I use this card holder), mask, keys, sunglasses. Now, my bag is from a previous season but this bright green snake version is also great and I love this more subtle pattern too. For something similar but less expensive, this Madewell bag is a great choice and how cute is this little Olivia Miller bag

Does it really matter what I'm wearing? Not really, but I'll tell you anyway: Madewell. My top is my Madewell eyelet top which I've really loved for summer. Easy and (literally) breezy. I guess I could wear a cami under it but I don't. It's still available at Zappos but I also love the poppy red version they have right now. My jeans are Madewell Cali Demi-Boot, a shape I can't believe I was on the fence about. They're great! I love them worn with my Birkenstock Gizeh here but also with flats.  Details:

I'm layering two Gorjana necklaces - my Parker wrap (with a stone I added) and my Parker gem Opalite. Here's an obnoxious closeup of my Clare V Midi Sac:

I added a little leather tassel I bought from Etsy (handmade and really nice!) and now I'm thinking about a wider camera-style strap. Maybe this one? Or this one from Madewell? We'll see. 

Have you bought anything good lately? Tell me about it! 

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  1. Now I want a small bag which is not like me at all! I love it!!


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