Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday Mood: Weekend Purchases.


M: Ordered a bunch of stuff from Madewell. And fucking Birkenstocks, not from Madewell, but I am ridiculous

A: Which Birkenstocks??

M: Docs! Not Birks. My brain only thinks in Birkenstocks

A: Hahahahaaa

A: I was so excited there for a second

A: Kate sent me a link yesterday to some gorgeous fancy boots that are following her around the internet and this morning they sent me an email. How did they do it?

M: That’s something else

A: Like, sorry, I will not be buying your $500 boots. UNSUBSCRIBE

M: Not today, Satan

A: They are very nice boots but NO tHaNk YoU

M: I don’t even want to see

A: No worries, you're already subscribed just by talking about them 


Welp, this weekend was a doozy. We both fell into that Madewell sale pretty hard (it ends tonight!) and online purchases were made. Here's what Marianne got:

This cozy henley sweater that looks great with the Griff pants...

This beautiful, soft turtleneck that I kinda want even though I don't do turtlenecks...

These Perfect Vintage jeans I most definitely want. Also those Birks...

And this shirt jacket that we keep calling a "shacket" and then cringing because that's not a word.  I will have her report back on these purchases! Now, here's what I got:

The Griff pants, but y'all already know that. And...

(Roberta, I blame you.) The green washed leather jacket Listen, I don't need this jacket at all but I've been eyeing it for ages and it's never in the store, so I ordered it with the idea that I'll most likely be returning it. I just have to KNOW you know? It might be great but I fear it'll be too cropped for my butt. We shall see! I'll do a full review. 


  1. I LOVE that you got that green jacket, and looking forward to your reviews of all of these! I fell into the BR (and BR Factory) f&f sale pretty hard, so I'm right there with you on having had a doozy of a weekend

    1. I am SO tempted by some of the new BR offerings! What did you get?

    2. Welll, I mostly got BRF stuff bc as y'all noted, BR recently has been $$$. And even with a brand card and a bunch of reward dollars, I'd rather get 10 things at BRF than 3 things at BR. So with that said, I got: a military jacket, two pairs of pants, a matching top and midi skirt, face masks, two hoodies all from BRF, and a b/w striped tee from BR. I had my eye on some other striped tees at BR, but they were all sold out along with a gray jean jacket I was curious about. I haven't received everything yet, so I suspect there will be some returns. Phew!

  2. I bought the green jacket too! I’ve seen it in store & it is GORG. It works with my wardrobe color palette. I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  3. I love that jacket!!!! I mean, I've even gone into the store and stared wistfully in its direction many times... Might have even petted it. Sigh. But it is totally out of the question for me.

    I did, however, buy that Henley sweater! I was worried it would be too boxy but it totally works! There's a dark gray version but I think the white dots on it make it look like you have bad dandruff.

  4. Hahaha, I am an influencer! Sorry. I hope it is perfect and you wear it for 40 years. Think of the cost per wear!


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