Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Outfit of the Day: This Feels Like Me.

I'm heartily sick of everything I've been wearing all summer so I've started playing around with a few things I set aside for fall. Back in August when Marianne and I were in Austin, we went thrifting and she found me this incredible Mara Hoffman shirtdress:


This dress is SO ME. It's 100% not the trendy thing right now but I don't care - it's so fun and I love the colors. It's obviously long sold out but there are a few on Poshmark and eBay (search: Mara Hoffman compass dress if you love it too.) I can't really find anything even remotely similar, but Anthro is always good for a crazy dress. This one from Maeve is so fun in the purple print and this one is just a good time. For something good in the shirtdress/tunic style, I love this star print dress from Equipment and ooh, check out this one from Boden! They're always good for a cute shirtdress. 

When I bought the dress Marianne was like, "all you need is leather leggings and some boots and you're good to go." I wasn't ready to drop money on Spanx faux leather leggings yet but I'm pretty happy with my $18 pair from Target.  (Though, If I wear them a lot I'll probably upgrade.) Spanx are a solid bet but I'm also curious about this Blank NYC pair. They seem more like pants, which could be just the thing to wear with big sweaters. We'll see. Now, details: 

I'm wearing my Madewell paperclip necklace and my little bird skull pendant I bought from Paxton Gate in Portland. The dress is pretty low cut so I like that it's juuuust visible. 

My little quilted MJ bag was such a good purchase. I bought it for next to nothing on Poshmark and it's just reliably good at dressing up a look. For something similar, this Kate Spade looks really nice and I also love this Minkoff bag. For a cheap-n-cheerful option, ASOS has a cute version! My chelsea boots are a super old version of this Cole Haan style but check out this version from Frye - I love that they're lower cut because it's easier to wear with jeans. I also adore the new lug sole style from Madewell! I DO NOT NEED THOSE. I just love boots, you guys, I can't help but want them all. 


  1. What a delightful dress! Love the outfit you put together around it - it all looks very comfortable too :)

  2. Is it pieced or is that a print? You look fab!

  3. I adore that print! Great find.

  4. Okay, so, I have a friend that’s a rep for Spanx and she got me the leather leggings at cost and I have to say I don’t really love them. I mean, they’re comfortable and the quality is good, but I don’t really like the finish. They don’t look like leather to me. I actually think the ones you have might be better. I love this look you’ve put together and may, in fact, copy it today. 🙂

    1. I've had the Spanx faux leather leggings before and liked them, but they were too long on me. (I'd go for petite length if I buy them again.) I do like that they're just a "leather" finish rather than the plastic-y version. The Target leggings are similar, but maybe slightly less shiny?

  5. I just ordered the leggings for pick up. I have been thinking about them since you discussed them a while ago and this awesome outfit just sold me! That dress is a fantastic find.