Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday Mood: I Want All These Things.

Hi, it's Monday. My Madewell leather jacket, stuff of dreams, has a status of "waitlisted" (whatever the hell that means) so I am pouting and cheating on Madewell with EVEREVE, because they have CUTE DAMN STUFF and it's fall and I want these things:

Ugh, come on. Like, please. Why is this not already in my closet. 

Wouldn't this dress be really cute with faux leather leggings and ankle boots

I feel like this soft af plaid jacket would complete my PNW assimilation. 

Ugh, this is so pretty. Nobody on Zoom would know I'm wearing it with sweatpants.

Okay, these pants and have button tabs to convert to them to a tapered style. Stupid or brilliant?

More plaid! I don't know who I am anymore but isn't this cute? 

Actually digging this Veronica Beard dickey jacket knockoff in theory. 

Sherpa sneakers! These are cute as hell and look cozy, right? 

But, I can't lie, I want a new pair of these way more. The heart wants what it wants. 


  1. I want a new pair of those Birks as well. The ones you posted are the ones I have but I never treated them and wear them to cook in the kitchen all the time so they look pretty bad. I want the mocha ones they have on the actual Birks web site and will be smart about treating the suede before wearing this time!

    1. Same. I have the light grey pair and I wear them when I cook and they are trashed. 🙁