Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Outfit of the Day: Also, There's This.

The great thing about working fully remote is that I can wear jeans and a band tee all day. The bad thing about working fully remote is that I wear jeans and a band tee all day. But it feels pretty "me" don't you think? 

I bought this amazing metallic Bowie tee on Poshmark not realizing it was slightly cropped, but it works great with my high-rise jeans! It's by Chaser, who I love for fun tees, and I've been wearing it A LOT BECAUSE I AM A CHILD AND I WORK FRoM hOmE. I have a lot of Bowie tees, but this is my current favorite. It's basically sold out online, but there are a bunch on eBay and Posh. I also LOVE this Bowie tee by Lucky and there's no end to fun band tees and sweatshirts

My jeans are Madewell Perfect Vintage which are a great non-skinny cut. This is probably the most similar current style (with some excellent distressing) but I love this blue wash. ALSO, they come in a mid-rise style! Be still my heart. I'm obviously wearing my silver Birkenstocks because they go with my t-shirt. Duh. And oh, hey, there's this: 

Listen, I know. I have been on a bag tear lately but I stalked this secondhand forEVER and was finally made an offer I couldn't refuse. This is the Hammitt VIP bag in large. I had been eyeing the gold hardware version in medium for a long time  but in the end I got the large with gunmetal hardware and I adore it. The size is perfect for an everyday crossbody and the leather! It's mooshy and luxe and the bag is lined in the softest red suede! My only quibble is that the strap feels pretty thin. It's not a big deal, but I'll probably replace it with wider version at some point.

Final detail, I'm wearing my Gorjana Parker necklace with a labradorite charm and I love how it looks worn a little off-center. I mean, of course I do. 


  1. You look fabulous. Lipstick details, please!

  2. Coming here to say the same thing - what is that fab lipstick?!?

  3. Hi! My lipstick is MAC Party Line!

  4. I came to ask about the lipstick too. It looks great on you. And you can never have too many band t-shitrs!

  5. Greta look! I am just back to the school as an online teacher and excited I get to wear real clothes now but also longing to keep working from home like you.


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